Hailing a Cab in London

July 17, 2010
hailing a cab in london

In the daytime, I felt completely safe walking around most areas of London. Here I am in front of the National Gallery of London, which seemed much like the Met in New York.

At night, things tended to get more shady. The London Underground doesn’t run all night and after leaving a club, it often took around 20 minutes to find a cab. After I flagged down a cab, the driver often would not take me where I wanted to go because it was out of his zone, even if just by a few blocks. If he agreed to take me anyway, he wouldn’t run the meter. Make sure to agree on a price before getting in and don’t feel the need to tip as it’s not the norm in London.

Definitely don’t leave places alone at night. Wait for a cab with trusted guys and travel in groups.

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    June 4, 2011

    I disagree with the last part, I was born in London and have lived here a good part of my adult life, and I never use taxis unless I have a lot of luggage. The night bus network is fine for most late night journeys, and you are generally safe to wait for buses alone at night in the vast majority of areas of the city (although not in very dodgy ones, if you feel unsafe, make sure you stick to main roads, walk quickly and assertively, know where you are going and keep your wits about you). Minicabs are risky, only use them if you know the company well – if you must take a taxi then its best to use a black cab as they are licensed and always have meters.

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