Tips for Women Travellers On a Continental Break

May 30, 2011
Continental Break

After a long, hectic year of busy life, you must be craving a well-deserved holiday break this summer in countries like France, Belgium, Italy or anywhere around the world. Being a female traveller, you have to take lot more precautions than your male counterparts whilst planning and packing for a trip and make sure to cross check them before leaving home. Here are some useful tips recommended for the women travellers that may help them have a safe and enjoyable summer trip.

1. Book your flight/train/ferry to France (for Channel crossing), whichever way you prefer to travel with, well in advance to avoid last minute hassles.

2. Follow Safety Tips:
Take the help of travel guides to know everything in details about your destination. Also take advice on various security tips and common issues often faced by solo female travellers by reading reviews of other fellow travellers and get prepared accordingly.

3. Pack light and carry essential items:
Try to put as many clothes as you would actually require for the trip though I know it’s the most difficult task for us women to follow, but it will save lot of space in your bag for other essential items. Amongst essential things, you must carry toiletries, passport, tickets, travel insurance, credit card, some cash, money belt and a lock which is very important as ladies’ bags are easy targets in some tourist places. Don’t forget taking medicines as travelling in summer often causes lots of diseases along with the stuff you would require in case your monthly period is due.

4. Choose a car ferry for Continental Break:
Travelling with car ferry is often beneficial for many reasons, like–

•       Lot of UK women travellers love to go for shopping holidays. Choose a car ferry if you are on a shopping break to the continent. It’s very convenient to carry the items and gifts bought for the entire family from the continental market in your car that may include bulky items too.

•       It also saves a lot of expenses as you can pack enough food stuff and other necessary items required for the trip in your car. So you need not pay higher prices for buying those things from unknown places.

•       Hiring a car can be the most expensive part of your entire trip and people mostly have no idea how much they need to spend to visit the entire or some parts of the region. This may even lead you to run out of cash during the trip. It’s also not convenient to take  public transports all the time. So taking your personal vehicle will be the best way to avoid such hassles.

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