Infatuated with Barcelona, Spain

November 25, 2011
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Infatuated with Barcelona Spain.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elicia Bibbs and I am currently living and studying abroad in Barcelona for a year. I have been here for two months now and have fallen completely in love with Barcelona. I realized last year when I was deciding either to go to Argentina or Barcelona, it would have been really cool if I got to read the blog of a relatively normal person living in either place.  Also, I realized I can no longer be on Facebook like I use to, and so, by writing about my experience in Spain, I will not vanish away like every other person I know who studies abroad. I figure that even if one person reads this, I will maintain some connection to the people back home. I have been here for about two months now and I feel like I have done well for myself. Since I have been here, I have observed many things.

Top two things I hate about Spain:

1.       They are freaking insane about conserving energy
2.       and water.
When you go to a restaurant or anywhere in Barcelona, you have to pay for water (and to use the bathroom).  It comes in something that looks like a wine bottle and you drink it from a wine glass like it’s some classy thing and not just free.

Top 10 Things I lovw about Barcelona Spain:

1.       Being called Guapa everyday in the street and at home. It means pretty/beautiful. Spanish people are really honest and will tell you what they think at that very moment–so I have heard and experienced. Whatever the case, I like it.
2.       The history and art. Everything is beautiful and old here. I have never really been appreciative of architectural art but this is like on a whole other level.  It’s freaking beautiful!
3.       I’m from Chicago, and can say that Barcelona is clean! They clean the streets like 30 times, 24 hours a days.  It’s like clock work–crazy.
4.       Most of the people here are skinny and beautiful. Honestly I don’t know how I feel about that yet. So far it has worked to my advantage because im so tall, most American pants and skirts are to short for me. Win win winnnn! : D
5.       Fashion. Okay this should have been number one. OH MY GOD. I cannot even explain to you how many beautiful things I have bought already. I love this country.
6.       I realized the better you are at Spanish, the better it gets. My host mom said my Spanish has improved a little in this short time but she still thinks I am semi-terrible.
7.       People party until 8 in the morning here.  It’s crazy. It’s the norm.
8.       People are really nice for the most part and the only crime they really have here is purse snatching but, as you already know. I don’t play those games.  I’m from Chicago. Even though people are nice, I realized it’s really hard to find female friends. It’s like, where do you go?  What do you say? I have two female friends now. I found them by asking where they got their hair done because I was looking for a good hair dresser. That started the conversation.  It worked twice.
9.       We walk everywhere!  I get to see the city better that way and it’s good exercise. The school is a 30 minute walk from the house. I have gotten lost a lot so far but for the most part it has been all good. When worst comes to worst on a night we go out, I get a cab.
10.   I have never been in one place where people speak so many languages. Walking down the street you hear so many different languages but I feel like not a lot of people speak English on the street even though I think for the most part, people understand it a little.

So basically, I love it here. I have been trying to find a way to stay longer but I am only in the beginning stages.Lately, I have been doing a lot of talking, thinking and taking in these past months, and I feel like I have been learning a lot–especially about myself.  This is all in two months with only a little bit of discomfort. I don’t really get to talk to my family and friends from home because of the 7 hour time difference, and I do not have internet in my house. I talk to my mom once a week to catch up and the rest of the week, I am literally out in the world.

If you have an opportunity to go somewhere different, meet new people and try new things, don’t let your fear of what you don’t know or understand hold you back. You are only hurting yourself.


Infatuated with Barcelona Spain

3 thoughts on “Infatuated with Barcelona, Spain

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    January 6, 2012

    Hey girls sorry i haven’t been updating lately but i will be sure to keep you guys posted!

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    December 29, 2011

    Hola! I am from the Chicago area as well. I hope you continue to update this blog! I am traveling to Barcelona next year to study abroad and I am constantly in search of a “normal student” blog so I can know what to expect. I hope to hear more!

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    Sierra Leone
    December 6, 2011

    I’m from Chicago as well..and am currently studying abroad in Panama (also a foreign correspondent for Pink Pangea)..anywho, Spain is a future destination so keep me posted on your travels. Would love to talk soon.


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