The Impressive Transportation in Madrid

transportation in madrid

Coming from New York city, where the subways are easy and efficients, and where having a car is more of a hinderance than a perk because of the traffic , I did not think I would find a city half as well connected. Yet, Madrid has surpassed my transportation expectations and then some. The subway (Metro) is so unbelievably easy to use and incredibly cheap. You can get a 10 trip ticket which can be used on the Metro or plethora of buses for €9.30, which is the best deal, while a single trip costs about €1.50.

The Metro lines are color-coded and numbered, like most subways, and more or less at every turn of each subway station, there are signs that outline every single stop on every line and which direction.

It is quite hard to get lost and the trains come on average every four minutes or so, based on when you are trying to catch the train (during rush hour, more frequent and later in the night, less frequent). The only downside of the Metro is that it stops running a little bit before two o’clock in the morning, after which you will probably have to take a taxi, which I have not experienced but have heard it is quite expensive, or take off your heels and walk home.

Buses run to surrounding areas very frequently and are quite nice and cheap. There are bus schedules with the time tables outlining every stop at each station stop. Madrid has some beautiful and unique surrounding communities and towns which are worth a day trip. My number one recommendation  for a day trip is the village of Chinchón, which is about forty five minutes south east of Madrid–and where I work! Regardless of where you are going, take advantage of Madrid’s reasonably affordable and easy transportation system and do not miss anything this unique city has to offer.

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