Flying for My Long-Distance Boyfriend

December 7, 2012

Having a long-distance boyfriend means that I’m always either talking on the phone or searching for cheap flights–or both. My boyfriend lives in Chicago and I live in New York and we make an effort to see each other at least once every month and a half.

I honestly never thought I’d be one of those people doing the long-distance thing. After all, who would trade a night out spent dancing for a night in spent Skyping?

It all started while I was studying abroad in Paris. The city of romance seemed to be the perfect setting for a silly fling with a Parisian guy–until I met Joe. Joe was another American student, but he wasn’t even studying abroad in Paris. He was spending the semester in Italy, and I met him during one of his weekend trips across Europe. He was sitting at a cafe, drinking a cappuccino, eating a croissant and studying a Lonely Planet guide about France–how touristy can you get? I meant to roll my eyes to myself, but he caught me doing it and that was that. We spent the rest of that short weekend attached at the hip and it still wasn’t enough.

Joe and I quickly became travel buddies. Every other weekend, we’d pick a spot in Europe and meet. It wasn’t hard to fall in love along the Venetian canals, Prague cobblestones, and outdoor Kiev market. I started to love flying because I knew that at the end of the flight were Joe and a fabulous weekend together. And don’t get me wrong–I’m not rich or anything. We got really good at finding cheap flights.

Best of all, it really helped prepare us for our post-study abroad relationship.

With the semester ending, Joe and I are planning our biggest trip yet–to India and just this morning, I found two great deals on a flights for us via Continental Airlines and United Airlines. Aside from that, I know that this will be an amazing trip from beginning to end. Joe’s meeting me in New York, and for once, we’re flying together.

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