How to Make Your Money Stretch Further in Greece

April 6, 2013

Greece … it’s a country that’s been a popular holiday destination for many years and therefore one that can sometimes brag larger than life costs. For those looking to get the full Greek holiday experience but without the price tag, then here are a few suggestions on how to make your money stretch a little further.

Bag a bargain before you board the plane

It’s all very well saving money on your holiday once you’re at the destination, but if you splash out too much on the cost of the holiday itself then you’ll be limiting your budget unnecessarily.

Bag a bargain before you even set foot on the plane by looking at holidays to Greece with Co-operative Travel and other reputable travel firms. You’ll find plenty of competitive prices throughout the year so that you can fly out with a full wallet.

Know the local costs

Setting yourself a spending budget to cover expenses while at your destination is all well and good, but only if you know the relative costs in the local area. Remember, not all countries will price their goods by British standards so make sure you know the local costs and set aside enough money to cover them.

The Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer is a good resource for this and for 2014 they found Greece’s Corfu to be in the top 20 countries with prices down almost £50 compared to 2013. To put that into the perspective of common expenses, a cup of coffee will set you back the equivalent of £1.72 while a 1.5litre bottle of mineral water will keep you easily hydrated at just £0.35.

For those looking to enjoy a romantic evening meal for two, average costs of just £23.67 will be more than tempting and cover a three-course meal with a bottle of house wine.

Go for free!

Finally, do everything you can to scoop entry to free attractions whilst away. Greece is home to some impressive landmarks and areas of interest and while some may warrant their small entry fee, there are also some fantastic free options you consider.

Some top picks for free attractions include:

  • Visit Mars Hill in Athens – this is known as Areopagus in Greek and has been the site of numerous meetings, speeches and trials over the years
  • See the Panathenaic Stadium – renovate for the first modern Olympic Games and originally built in ancient times, this is an impressive site for history buffs
  • Get panoramic views of the capital from Lycabettus Hill – hike to the top for the best (free) viewpoint you’ll find!

You can also get free entry to some of the country’s most famous landmark on certain days. The Acropolis, Ancient Agora and Olympeion in Athens all have free admission days so research these before you stay and get the most from your Greek holiday!


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