Worldfirst’s Guide to the Must See Sights and Best Shopping in New York City

April 9, 2013
Best Shopping in New York City

A trip to New York to sample the buzz, the atmosphere and the shopping has to be one of the great American pilgrimages. Alongside the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, California State Route 1 and the Florida Everglades, the Big Apple is right up there with the must-do US locations.

If you’re thinking of going there, here’s a whistle stop guide to some of the things you need to know about NYC, and some of the places you should check out. If you’re not, you should be – we’ll tell you why in this guide from

We’ll come onto the shopping later, but first, some of the other things you need to know:

Getting about

Go subway all the way. Those yellow cabs are iconic, but if you look like a tourist, they do have a tendency to prolong the journey to make you pay more. In contrast, the subway is cheap–very cheap–and if you’re worried about safety, there’s no need, they’re really quite safe. And clean, too.

Must see in NYC

Make sure you take a trip up the Empire State Building. It only costs $13 to go up to the viewing platform, and the views are absolutely stunning. It’s just as well this is the digital age, otherwise you’d run out of film trying to capture it all.

Next, take a gentle stroll in Central Park, but maybe time will be too short to cover the 843 acres. Again, great views are everywhere, and you’ll see more of it by hiring a bike. Music lovers–check out the Bowery Ballroom, with indie-rock aplenty, local bands and big touring names. And wind back the clock by visiting the Grand Central Terminal–a must-see living monument to New York from days gone by.

And this is before you’ve even mentioned Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And of course…

OK, now onto the shopping

So, where to start? Not easy, but let’s start with one for those bargain hunters.

Century 21 is a big discount department store with everything from high-end designer clothing to home goods and you find it on Cortlandt Street (on Broadway).

From there, walk back uptown along Broadway, passing more superb shopping areas. There’s Soho Bloomingdale’s on Broadway, and also more in the way of designer brands in places like Atrium, Lounge and Scoop. You’ll also pass the likes of Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters.

Other must-shops in New York include the Fifth Avenue department stores and boutiques. Visit the upscale women’s speciality store Henri Bendel for ‘new and next’ fashion accessories, designer handbags and jewelry.

The world’s best designers are sold at luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue–a place that’s simply obsessed with style. Just remember to wear your hard hat if you happen to be there during a sale–terrifying!

Barneys is still a fabulous place to shop, with the displays more like works of art, but this has now become a national mini-chain. Therefore, Bergdorf Goodman is the last remaining New York–only luxury department store. It’s quite a sight–breathtaking, even if you’ve got nothing to spend. For those who can afford it, Bergdorf’s is a playground. World-famous designers are yours to wear, and a personal shopper will be more than happy to impart their advice before taking your money!

That’s in the city, but just outside it, there’s the outlet centre at Woodbury Common–a $35 bus ticket out of Manhattan, with buses out of Port Authority every 30 minutes. With Christian Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Tag Heuer and plenty more, there’s something for everyone.

You really can shop ‘til you drop in the Big Apple. Shopping is a very personal thing, and what appeals to someone will be a turn off to another. The best thing is to get exploring…!

Take a bite out of the Big Apple (and the most populous city in the US) with a stay-over in either Manhattan or nearby Brooklyn. Watch a show on Broadway or skip down to Soho to discover the latest in fashion.
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