Bag a Bargain Break this Summer

June 25, 2013

Everyone loves a bargain, whether it is a pair of shoes on sale or a two for one offer in the local shop. We love nothing more than unexpectedly saving money. The little savings bring us immense pleasure and booking a bargain summer holiday leaves us completely ecstatic.

There are so many amazing holiday deals, and it’s crucial to make sure that you not only pick the perfect package for you and your family but that your bargain stays just that: a bargain.

There are a few things you can do to stay within a tight budget and still be able to have the break you deserve.

Choose the right destination
Ideally, we would all choose an exotic location that boasts sandy beaches, a hot climate and beautiful sights. Sometimes, this just isn’t realistic with the financial restraints we all face. It is always a good idea to be open to your holiday destination, as specific ideas can increase the cost.  Often tour operators will have incredible deals on places you had never considered before. It is always wise to consider the costs whilst in the country. The euro exchange rate, for example, is not currently as good as it once was, meaning you will not receive more for your money as may have been the case in the past.

Booking at the Right Time
Booking your holiday last minute is often the best way to secure the cheapest holiday deals. Hotels and flight companies often dramatically reduce prices closer to the time of specific holiday dates to ensure all spots are filled. Booking your holiday a month or even less before you intend to go means you can have the same holiday at the fraction of the price. Late deals to Tenerife is one of the best packages, prices and destinations.

At the same time, booking a holiday many months in advance can give you the time you need to pay off the holiday package as well as allow you the time to save for spending money and the other unexpected costs that going on holiday can incur.

Holiday Type
All inclusive holiday packages are often the most expensive. You can pay over the odds for all your meals and drinks and it is sometimes more cost effective to choose a holiday that is either self-catering or half board. With either option, you are reliant on yourself for either all or just some of your meals. Self catering in particular can be a little on the pricey side but the cost can easily be reduced depending on the items you decide to buy and whether you cook for yourself rather than visit local eateries. Self-catering accommodation has all the amenities to allow you to prepare your own food.

Holiday Length
Many holidaymakers choose to go away for either one week or two. Two weeks can really increase the overall cost of the break; the cheap deals will often be for ten days, which is a happy compromise.

Package Holiday vs. Individual Bookings
A good way to reduce holiday costs has been to book hotels, flights and insurances individually. This method can be a little on the stressful side, trying to find dates that all correlate. It can sometimes be a cheaper option to do it this way but sometimes the offers on holiday packages can be a surprise and work out cheaper. They also dramatically reduce the stress of holiday booking. It’s best to fully investigate both options before you commit to anything.  You can even talk to travel agents for advice without having to book with them.

Be Cautious
The cheaper travel operators have been known in the past to go bust at the last minute,  leaving holiday makers with no holiday, no refund and no come back. ATOL Consumer Protection will make sure you receive a full refund if the worse were to happen. It’s the best investment if you are going to book a break with some of the lesser-known companies that have less security and stability.

Baggage costs can really push up the expense of your holiday, particularly if you go over your weight allowance. Remember, that whilst on holiday it is nice to buy gifts for yourself and loved ones but it can cost you in luggage fees on your return journey.

There is no reason why a summer holiday has to be an unaffordable treat. It is essential to consider every avenue and each cost consideration and actively reduce costs wherever you can…


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