Top Ten Places to Visit in Europe

June 27, 2013
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Looking for the low down of the top ten places to visit in Europe? We could give you a long list of places that you don’t want to visit and won’t visit without good reason… Each place in this list has been tried and tested, and they have all gone through scrupulous tests to make sure they deserve a position here in our top ten in order to give you a good reason! Of course we have to give you this in reverse order to keep you in suspense and this way, you can tick these top drives off of your to-do list and enjoy the thrilling build up.

10. Norway- There are some mega sites to see here, so grab yourself a car, you could get a car in specifically for your journey, like I did recently from… Or you could just hire one! One top drive through (No we’re not talking not fast food) to take is Bergen to Oslo. This is a 350-mile drive that you will not forget. You can explore the old wharf area, lined with medieval Hanseatic League houses, and then head towards the snow-capped mountains.

Norway is full of Lord of the Rings-esque Mountains and waterfalls that will make your jaw drop at their stunning natural beauty. You can drive around and find pretty little villages complete with old-fashioned wooden stave churches with scary masks that help stave off demons… Yes there are demons!

9. The Amalfi Coast in Italy- Drive here! You should need no more convincing. This is one of the most stunning drives you will ever take. This winding coastal road, starting in the gorgeous Sorrento, hugs sheer cliff faces on one side and on the other, a straight drop to the bright blue sea… Don’t worry though; there is a two-foot tall stonewall to keep you from harms way. Make sure you purchase a bottle of the local liquor limoncello that is wonderfully fruity and fresh… as well as potent.

8. Lake district- This is one UK destination that had to have a mention. This is an area of true, almost unspoiled treasure. It is a hot spot for tourists, and encapsulates what Britain of old once was. Need we say more? I think not!

7. France and Monaco Think Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief, whizzing along the Grand Corniche in a blue cabriolet convertible, surrounded by cliffs, with the Mediterranean Sea below. Take the Middle Corniche to one of the prettiest towns on this steep coast, Eze, which is perched atop a stone outcropping. Still looking for another reason? Visit the one true home of the Grand Prix. The Monaco Grand Prix has been held annually in the streets of Monaco since 1929. That alone makes it an epic place to visit.

6. Southern Poland– Want culture? Want history? Look no further! Explore one of the richest, most colourful medieval squares left in the world and whatever you do, do not miss Wawel Cathedral. On leaving Krakow, drive southwest to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau, the Nazi’s largest death camps. It may seem a little morbid, but it incredibly moving at the same time. From here you can drive to Zakopane, a village of ornately carved wooden farmhouses, where you can take your journey to the skies…. Well kind of. Get yourself in a cable car that will take you in to the Tatras Mountains.

5. Germany– This is probably not on the top of you list for places to visit… But it should be! You will find snow-capped mountains, deep green forests, and the Hansel and Gretel houses that you thought were pure fiction. Füssen is where it is at. This is where you will find Ludwig’s great masterpiece, Neuschwanstein, the place that inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. 

The journey to King Ludwig’s Castle is an incredible one that will leave you wanting to find your own Cinderella or Prince Charming, whatever the case may be. Germany is the land of fairy tales, and anything can happen, you may even spot a dragon (don’t hold us to that though). 


4. Crete- Not the first place you thought you would find in this list when you first started to read? You must start your drive from the city of Chania and through Samaria. This road trip will take you about four hours, but it is well worth it! After cruising through the stunning surroundings you will reach the beautiful pink beaches of Crete.

3. The Giant’s Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland- This is one wonder of the world that you should see! This weird and wonderful landscape was created by giants! Yes, Giants! There are around 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns rising out of the sea that act as steps for giants. It is doubtful that you will spot a giant as they left the area a few million years ago, but… You may spot a leprechaun though. 

2. Austria- Looking for somewhere epic? This is the place for you. There are numerous mountains to feast your eyes on, and great roads to drive down, where you can even get a panoramic view of the Pasterzen Glacier, which is one place you need to see… Your life depends on it!

1. Greece- The place of the gods. No you can’t visit Olympia, but you can drive through Ioannina and Meteora. This road climbs into the mountains, slowly taking you down into the region of Thessaly, where there are some stunning monasteries… No not just some stunning… But the most incredibly super-duper amazing monasteries atop high standing cliffs! Go there now!



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