Top Five Business Travel Apps

July 10, 2013

When travelling, keeping things as hassle free as possible is your main worry. Unfortunately, you can’t take a member of the Co-operative travel management team with you, but what you can do, is let technology do the closest possible thing. There are thousands of apps that claim to make things easier for you when you are a regular traveller, however, in many cases, they are often more trouble to maintain than actually doing the original task in the first place. Here are some handpicked examples that we promise will make life easier for you when you’re jet setting.

  • Gate Guru (Available for Android and iOS)

Gate guru is any frequent flyer’s best friend. It is essentially your go to guide when travelling, right from before you even leave your house and want to know how busy your favourite airport restaurant is. It works on real time feedback so you know the information you receive is current. You can also read opinions and reviews of unfamiliar airports from other users who are able to load them onto the app, with pictures where necessary.

  • Evernote (Blackberry, iOS, MacOSX and Windows)

Think of this app as your virtual desk space. With room to store all kinds of media and the ability to sync documents across all of your personal devices, this really is a workaholic’s dream. With a very easy interface to navigate and the ability to take notes at any time, this is the perfect tool to enable working on the go. With this clever piece of kit, any of your items can be shared with contacts or via your social networks. You can also view documents when offline, view docs that have been edited on other devices and even more impressively, lock things with a passcode. There’s nothing you can’t store with the aptly named Evernote!

  • WorldMate (Available for Android and iOS)

This app is your PA harnessed in one useful app. It allows you to book and plan trips, meetings and rental vehicles, as well as track flight information and set yourself reminders to ensure the time difference and jetlag don’t cause you to miss anything. This great tool also allows you to find directions and has a helpful currency converter to help with exchange rates.

  • WordLens (Available for Android and iOS)

If you thought magic wasn’t real, think again. This app uses the camera on your phone to translate signage, leaflets or anything else you can take a photo of, into the language you choose. The app is free until you buy specific ‘language packs,’ but it is well worth the small charge. It also has a more generic search bar tool for the translations you can’t photograph – a real gem for the seasoned traveller.

  • One Receipt (for iOS only)

By far the worst part about travelling for work is the lengthy expenses form you need to complete when you’re back in the office. Keeping hold of the dreaded receipts and managing to return home with them intact is a rarity. This app stores, files and indexes those cumbersome pieces of paper and organizes them by tagging, enabling you to search by date, amount, or where you spent the money. You can sync this app to an email address, so if your phone goes walkabout, the information is still safely stored. At the end of the month, this app generates a monthly spending report, which breaks down your spending and highlights the areas you spent most on. This will make your accounts department jump for joy – trust us.


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