When Car Problems Aren’t the End of the Road

July 17, 2013
car problems

When my boyfriend and I planned our holiday to the French countryside, we made sure to book rooms in quaint bed and breakfasts and rent a car in advance.  We wanted to get those logistical necessities figured out, but as for everything else, we decided not to make plans.  How could we know if one day we’d want to go on a wine tour, stumble into a little church along the way, or hike a beautiful mountain?  We wanted to keep our itineraries open both for adventures and R & R.

On our first day in France, we had a leisurely breakfast of croissants and jam and decided that we were ready for one of those epic hikes.  As we drove along the beautiful green plains speckled with bright yellow flowers, I looked into the horizon and saw the snowcapped Alps.  With the fresh air whisking through our windows, the morning could not have been more perfect.

Then suddenly, our car jolted to a stop.  My boyfriend tried to keep driving, but we knew it was too late when we saw smoke rising from the hood.  I figured the day would be ruined and thought we’d have to wait for hours until help arrived.

Luckily my boyfriend had gotten us breakdown cover and someone was able to come fix the car within an hour.  It was amazing that just minutes before, I’d been doing exactly what I’d promised myself I wouldn’t do—plan the rest of the trip in my head to make up for lost time.  The next thing I knew, we were on our way to the mountains again.

We arrived at the beautiful Alps and decided that we didn’t exactly want to hike the mountains, but rather stroll alongside the base and take in their mammoth beauty.  So, we did just what we wanted to and then we found a cute café, where we had some macarons.  Though we knew too much eating and too little exercise could lead to some serious weight gain, we didn’t really care.  We were on our holiday and just wanted to kick back, relax, and do exactly what we wanted to do without anything getting in the way!


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