Occupy Versailles

August 30, 2013
occupy versaille

Versailles is a symbol of glory and opulence. The massive estate screams decadence, from the golden gates to the never ending gardens that make up the “backyard.”

versailles 1

As I walk through the labyrinths of the gardens, I imagine all of the shady business deals and scandalous love affairs that must have occurred between the bushes, away from the eyes of the court. As you walk up the steps and look out on the property, you can’t help but wish all of it were yours. That’s the thing about opulence. The beauty of it is its exclusivity. All of this for me and my own. I think about how the royals would turn in their graves if they saw all of the “peasants” walking around their property.

Occupy Versailles

As the sun sets, I imagine a scene when the 99% burst into Versailles to end the reign on the grandiose opulence of the 1%. To take such a marvelous place away from royalty and turn it into a place for the public is truly remarkable. I feel the duality of the situation. We all want the glorious castle for ourselves, but when is enough enough? Could the Occupy movement be the next French Revolution?

We all crave beauty in our lives, but there’s enough to go around for everyone.

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