Relaxation with a Dose of Adventure in Tenerife

September 1, 2013

When my then-fiance (now husband) and I were planning our wedding, we got so caught up in the guest list and table settings that we almost forgot about the honeymoon! And just as I’d dreamt of my wedding since I was a little girl, I’d also fantasized about our next morning getaway.

I’d always pictured myself on a beautiful resort. During the day, I’d lay under the glowing sun, my beau and the blue, shimmering waters beside me. During the night, we’d enjoy candlelit dinners, complete with colorful drinks topped with little umbrellas.

My fiance, though, had other things in mind. He wanted adventure: rain forests, hikes, and water sports. It seemed the only thing we could agree on was that we both wanted to be in a warm climate. Because it was the winter, at least that cut a lot of the world out!

Luckily, my friend, who’s a big traveler, recommended a winter sun holiday to Tenerife, the biggest Canary Island. She said it combined everything we were looking for. But, seeing that the flights were reasonable–with only two weeks to go–sealed the deal for both of us.

When we landed in Tenerife, we were still on cloud nine from our nuptials and we never once left. During the first days, we lounged on the beach–and chose a different one each time. On Playa Americas, we found black volcanic sand while Los Cristianos’s was yellow, and each, to my pleasure, was surrounded by beautiful blue waters.

It turned out that after taking it easy for a few days, even I was itching to move. My husband was thrilled and found us tons of activities to fill up our time. We went for a hike in Cruz del Carmen, and saw a stunning view of the entire island from Pico del Inglés. We dolphin watched, visited a planetarium, and scuba dived!

For meal, we indulged in delicious fish and wine–and I’ll admit, ate a McDonald’s once too!

We returned home not only with tans and in love, but with the knowledge that sometimes compromise really is better for everyone!


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