Tips on Taking a Trip to Lille

September 8, 2013

Lille is one of France’s largest cities, based in the north close to the border with Belgium.  As such, it is a great location to stay in if you wanted to make a multi-stop trip and visit both countries during your stay.

A culturally important city in France, Lille is best known for its festivals and shopping centres – many of France’s famous brands such as La Redoute and Décathlon have large stores in here.

Lille also benefits from its proximity to Belgium by being able to offer traditional French cuisine and also Belgian delicacies such as waffles, moules et frites and – of course – chocolate.

If Lille sounds like somewhere you would like to visit – perhaps for a short break or ‘girly weekend’ it is easy to travel from London to Lille by bus.  iDBUS has several services running each day from London to Lille at the Mini Price of £29, leaving you with plenty of money to spend at the shops or in any of the fine restaurants throughout the city.  There are good rail connections available, though the cost is considerably greater.  You can set out early (6am) and arrive in time for lunch (12:40pm) or take the bus at midday from London to Lille arriving at 6:40pm local time.  And if you book four tickets you only pay for three.

Traveling from London to Lille by bus involves a ferry journey (included in the price) and about an hour’s drive from the port to Lille centre.  iDBUS coaches take you directly to Lille Europe Station, which is centrally located.  Taking the bus is a stress-free way to travel as you don’t have to worry about navigating your own car around a foreign city.  You can also use free Wi-Fi and plug sockets on board an iDBUS, or just watch the world go by from your reclining seat.

You need to arrive for your journey half an hour before departure, when you will be greeted by a welcoming member of staff who will help you on board and acquaint you with the features of your coach.  Real time information about your journey is provided throughout, enabling you to accurately plan the rest of your day.

Lille is a great place to explore and spend time in for a short break on its own, or you could use it as a base from which to travel to Paris and/or Brussels if you want: you can take another iDBUS from Lille to Brussels for just 15 Euros Mini Price (around £13), which takes 1 hour 45 minutes from Lille station to the central bus station in Brussels (Gare Bruxelles-Midi).  Or take the iDBUS from Lille to Paris Bercy (in the city centre) for just 15 Euros Mini Price (around £16) and a journey time of three hours.

Take the bus from London to Lille and travel in comfort and style!


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