How to Do the Big Apple on a Budget

November 5, 2013
the big apple

Whether you are going to New York for the first time or for a return trip, the magical sensation of visiting the Big Apple is something that very few other world cities can offer.

As with any other major city, New York can be extremely expensive for the unwary traveller, but by the same token, there are plenty of ways that you can make the most of it on a budget.

Although famous areas such as Fifth Avenue are hotspots for high-end retail outlets and designer shops, there are many other parts of the city that have character and value of an entirely different, and less expensive, nature. Here are a few tips on how to visit NYC without breaking the bank

How to Do the Big Apple on a Budget

Cheap flights 

Flying into New York need not cost the earth. By carefully choosing when you travel you can take advantage of the many offers that major airlines make from time to time. If you have built up any air miles or similar promotional points you can use these to get a discount too.


Arranging your accommodation in advance means you can get the best deals. Whether you prefer to stay in rented apartments or hotels New York has a huge range of different types of places for you to choose from.

How to Do the Big Apple on a Budget

Eat like a local

New York City has some of the finest restaurants in the world, but it is also famous for its street level cuisine, which is a mix of cultures and foods that come together unlike anywhere else. Doing a little research into where the locals eat will mean you find the best diners, pizza joints and eateries.


Manhattan is the true centre of the sprawling mass of New York City and as it is an island it is actually quite easy to get from place to place. With its simple grid-like road layout you can get around by foot between many of the major places of interest.

Other than that, it doesn’t cost too much to grab a ride in one of the iconic yellow cabs either. That can be a great way to get a real feel of the city too!

How to Do the Big Apple on a Budget


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