Two Definitions of Travel: Lap of Luxury or Out of Your Comfort Zone

May 14, 2014
Out of Your Comfort Zone

Luxury travel and all of its extravagant amenities are on the up and up, and the newest addition is Etihad Airways’ in-flight one-bedroom apartments. These, apparently, are perfect for traveling families and come with a living room, bathroom, shower, and personal butler–in addition to a bedroom, of course.

I get the draw of luxury travel–if you can afford it. For many, travel is about escape, spoiling yourself, and going all out. I myself have been surprised at how much I’ve embraced luxury during the rare times that it’s come my way. Ever been on one of those resort vacations where you’re exhausted from literally doing nothing all day except sitting in the sun, eating, and taking a dip? Yeah. It can be pretty thrilling.

But on Pink Pangea, women usually write about getting out of your comfort zone, roughing it, and challenging themselves. They share their stories of couchsurfing, street food, and solo travel.

I think it’s fascinating that travel can mean two radically different things for people. For some, it’s about getting that direct flight, that pristine hotel with the English-speaking staff, and tons of personal attention. And for others, it’s about stuffing the fewest items possible into a backpack, boarding a local bus, picking up foreign phrases, and getting lost in the world.

Which type of travel do you prefer?

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One thought on “Two Definitions of Travel: Lap of Luxury or Out of Your Comfort Zone

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    Cara trager
    May 14, 2014

    I’d consider myself a hybrid traveller. I relish a euro-padded mattress and a luxe comforter at night but love the off-beaten trail that leads to authentic and cheap eats, conversations with locals and sights to explore!
    Still, I’d happily forego “steerage,” aka coach, class in favor of real legroom and a place for my neck while trying to get some shut-eye.

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