All the Femmes: A Girls Guide to Packing For a Cruise

June 13, 2014
Packing For a Cruise

Summer is approaching fast and one of the best ways to make the most of it is to get out and explore continent near and far the seas by going on a cruise. You can enjoy traditional fun-in-the-sun activity in total luxury and class — what every girl deserves! To really capitalize on the experience, there are a few things which you definitely want to pack for your trip. Follow these tips and enjoying your cruise vacation will be plain sailing:

First order of business: bring sunscreen! There is nothing more scorching than the sun over the open sea as the rays reflect brightly off the water. If you don’t want to end up looking like a lobster on day one, take good care of your skin and top up regularly. Many cruise liners have tanning salons as well as open decks where you can bronze up step-by-step. Don’t roast yourself and have to spend the rest of the trip shying away from the sun!

You might not think of it at first glance but modern cruisers offer a lot of opportunities for action and you don’t want to be left out because you didn’t prepare! The least you should bring is a gym outfit, a bikini, casual wear and a couple of party outfits and cocktail dresses for those warm summer nights. The cruise liner is likely to provide towels and other basic necessities, so you can use the extra space in your case for another outfit instead.

Your number one accessory on any cruise ship is your scarf. Just around your neck or a full-body pareo, this is the most universal piece of clothing you will need on the cruise. It can cover you up during the hot hours outside, gently emphasize your beach body curves and will give your silhouette an air of lightness and grace. The best part is, summer scarves are light and thin, so you can stock up on different designs which fit every situation.

Cruises are the way to serve yourself a generous, concentrated dose of summer’s finest pleasures. Sunny days by the pool, starry nights, the gentle rocking of the waves… all that screams romance! If you are going on your trip alone and looking for a summer adventure, don’t forget to bring your protection of choice as well as your A-game when it comes to grooming and intimate care. A Brazilian is a classic but feel free to get creative!

If you follow the simple tips above, you are well on your way to becoming a natural cruiser. In any case, weren’t you just born to relax!


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