Travel Dominican Republic: A Conversation with Shira

September 10, 2014
Travel Dominican Republic: A Conversation with Shira

This month, we’re interviewing women from all over the world and asking them about their experiences traveling to the Dominican Republic. We had the privilege of speaking with Shira about her experience traveling to the Dominican Republic. Here’s a glimpse into our conversation.

Tell us about yourself! What do you do when you’re not traveling the world? Where do you live? What made you decide to go to your most recent destination?
I live in Chicago with my husband and baby boy. I’m currently a student therapist. My husband and I decided to go to the Dominican Republic for our first vacation alone without the baby, just to get some relaxation and time together.

How long did you go for? How did you spend your time?
We went for one week, and spent our time almost exclusively lounging on the beach, reading, drinking piña coladas, playing cards….just relaxing. We also went snorkeling one day on a sand bar in the middle of the ocean, which was gorgeous.

What were your most memorable experiences? What were the biggest disappointments?
Most memorable experience was definitely our ride to the airport in the middle of the night, in which our van broke down and we were left on the side of the highway for several minutes with no clue what was going on. Our driver did not speak any English, so communication was entirely through hand gestures. Some random guy showed up and took all of our luggage, put it all in his tiny car with no windows, had us both pile in together in the backseat with our bags so that I was on my husband’s lap, and drove us the rest of the way to the airport that way. We were sure we were being kidnapped….our driver came, too, and he was trying to make us feel better by smiling and giving us thumbs-up signals. Anyway, we survived!

What do you wish you knew before you went?
I wish I knew that all-inclusive resorts are kind of like factories…meaning, they don’t really care about each individual guest and their needs and requests. We had a wonderful time anyway, but I had to quickly learn that any issue or problem we had, (such as A/C not working, sinks being clogged, safe not working, etc.) would take at least a couple of hours to a day to actually be addressed. Luckily we are pretty easy-going vacationers, so we didn’t let that kind of thing get to us.

Any favorite restaurants/hotels/hostels/sites you’d like to recommend?
We were pretty boring, and just stayed at our resort! Paradise Island, the sand bar we went snorkeling on, was great though!

What’s next on your travel list?
No clue….hopefully Israel, though!


Travel Dominican Republic: A Conversation with Shira


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