The Best Ways to See the World

September 1, 2014
See The World

What are the best ways to travel and explore the world? Are you constantly finding new methods to widen your geographical experience? There are many distinct ways to get on your feet and discover unique places and sights. Although the cost of travelling has risen in recent years, planning a trip may still be affordable. Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to see new places. But before that, why not try to take driving tests to determine your ability to go on long-distance trips. Starting a road trip may be a convenient way to travel, especially if you’re on a budget.

Aside from road trips, there are many other ways to travel around. If you’re passionate about travelling, you could even get paid to go places! Turning your passion about tourism could be a suitable career for you. With the right information and resources, your journey in becoming a travel professional might be easier than you expect. First off, becoming a tour guide is one of the best ways to earn money while you travel.

Depending on your area of your expertise, the number of places you could visit are almost countless. Do your research on how to become a certified tour guide. Taking up a licensure test boosts your chances to secure a higher pay. Of course, being personable and friendly are givens. Since you’re dealing with a diverse set of tourists of different nationalities, learning how to adapt will surely be an advantage.

Teaching a foreign language is another great idea to be paid while travelling. For instance, some schools in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East employ native speakers of English to for a teaching opportunity. Not only is it a worthwhile thing to do, it also opens doors to see the sights of a whole new place. Similar to a tour guide, there are necessary certifications and requirements needed to get a job teaching English in a foreign land.

This one is pretty obvious: becoming a flight attendant. Aside from a relatively big paycheck, the perks of flight attendants include free travel benefits that include family members. Plus, working hours are also shorter compared to the typical work schedule in an office.

If combining work with travel doesn’t seem like an attractive idea, there are simple ways to satisfy your wanderlust without breaking the bank. Scouting for bargain travel deals is a good option. Online travel websites have a variety of options available for budget dealers. Just be sure to clarify details such as flight schedules, booking changes and whether or not accommodations are inclusive in the deal. As soon as you reach your destination, try to find affordable places to rent instead of staying in a hotel. Being flexible in your board and lodging needs while travelling could save a lot of money. Likewise, taking public modes of transportation can be very cost-efficient too. “Taking trains and public transportation in cities, like buses and subways, can save you more than 50%,” suggests Johnny Jet, a well-known travel blogger.

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