Hostel in Munich, Germany: The Tent

October 16, 2014

The Tent is a campground and hostel. I stayed in a bunk bed tent with a hundred plus people. It cost me a mere twenty-five euros per day which is super cheap for Oktoberfest. I booked that about two months in advance. If you choose the tent where you sleep on the floor, it is even cheaper. The hostel provides blankets so no worries there but you can bring your own blankets or sleeping bags. I believe that mats are also provided to those who select the tent where you can sleep on the floor. You can even bring your own tent and stay even cheaper. The Tent is up all summer and not just for Oktoberfest. This hostel also has cheap, good beer (three euros for a half liter) and affordable food with options for vegetarians. Keep in mind that the kitchen is not available for Oktoberfest so you won’t be able to make your own food if you visit during that time. I would definitely recommend this hostel to anyone trying to save money while visiting during Oktoberfest.

Hostel in Munich, Germany: The Tent

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