Visit New York: A Tour of the Big Apple

December 10, 2014
A Tour of the Big Apple!

I enjoyed my time New York City, or “the big Apple.” My visit took place in 2005—10 years ago. I think New York is a really nice city to visit for a vacation. There are plenty of places to discover and things to do.

Our visit took place in the summer, and these are some of my impressions. Near Times Square, my mother and I saw a beautiful furniture shop. It seemed like a fancy furniture shop similar to those you could find at home in Italy. Times Square with its lights caught our attention, but we did not marvel at it.

A Starbucks coffee shop near Columbia University looked very cozy and relaxing with its couches full of people of all kinds—mostly students, I guessed. My mother and I entered the shop to get a coffee. I ordered a coffee with milk and she ordered the most “ristretto” coffee she could find.

Visit New York: A Tour of the Big Apple

The street in front of Julliard, the performing arts college, looked really nice with a lovely garden nearby. We walked down fifth avenue of-course and we stopped at Benetton, the Italian clothing-shop, where I bought a yellow t-shirt. We also stopped at H&M, where I bought a swimming costume, against my mother’s will. “You do not need one”—she remarked—and it was true. I did not need one. At the Benetton shop, we met an Italian lady from Florence who was working there as manage. She told us she loved living in New York city.

Needless to say we went to Little Italy, the mostly-Italian part of New York City. You could see Italian flags hanging in shops. Plenty of Italian restaurants were everywhere, and tobacco shops were there too. We had a great time: we ate a pizza at a pizzeria owned by an Italian man.

We were staying in Queens, and we loved it. Rainbow flags and book shops were all around. It was wonderful, and the atmosphere was really relaxed. People were friendly as they were walking down the streets. We ate salads almost every-day and we really enjoyed it. There were plenty of places where you could order delicious vegetarian food. In Queens, we could wander around without any problem. It was summer and the weather was really nice too.

Visit New York: A Tour of the Big Apple

We didn’t like the Financial District as much—the giant buildings were not our favorite. We spotted the bull, the symbol of the district. But we did enjoy the Native American museum; we spent a long afternoon there savoring the paintings.

Throughout our trip, we walked every day from one end of Manhattan to the other. We loved this busy and luxurious part of New York, as well as Central Park.

We agreed that New York is a fine place for a holiday, with many nice options for food and activities.

Top photo by Anthony Quintano  / Visit New York: A Tour of the Big Apple

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