Marrying Egyptian Men: My Romance in Dahab

Marrying Egyptian Men: My Romance in Dahab

In 2010, I was on holiday in Dahab with my friend Paul. One day we walked past Al Capone’s restaurant and the waiter, who introduced himself as Ahmed, asked us to look at the menu. I remember thinking that Ahmed had a lovely smile and that he was very handsome and friendly. Still, I never imagined that 18 months later I would move to Dahab to live with this Egyptian man. Bizarrely I had been to Al Capone’s four years earlier in 2006 while Ahmed was working there then, yet I don’t remember him from my previous visit.

Ahmed’s friendly and persuasive charm worked and Paul and I decided to eat in Al Capone’s that evening. Whilst we were eating our meal, Ahmed came over to our table and lit a candle “to make it romantic,” but I quickly told him that there was no need to make it romantic as Paul and I were just friends.

Marrying Egyptian Men: My Romance in Dahab

I’m pretty sure Ahmed said something like, “Good news for me.” Then he told us that he was finishing work soon, and asked if we wanted to go for a drink. We went Tree Bar and Ahmed and I sat chatting whilst Paul and Ahmed’s friend played pool. Ahmed said that he wanted to take us out for a day trip the following day and we made plans to go to Blue Hole.

Still, I never imagined that 18 months later I would move to Dahab to live with this Egyptian man.

Ahmed and I ended up spending the next few days and nights together. I really enjoyed his company. I thought he was gorgeous, kind, generous and funny, but I didn’t really think that we could have a future together so I tried not to get carried away with my feelings towards him.

As soon as I returned to England, Ahmed sent me a text message to say that he hoped I had arrived home safely and that he missed me already. We then began texting and talking on Skype almost every day and after about three week,  I decided to book a flight to Egypt to see him again.

returned to Egypt just three months after I first met Ahmed, and this time, I flew into Cairo instead of Sharm el Sheikh. Ahmed met me at the airport and we drove to Suez where we spent a few days with his family. It was quite overwhelming to meet his family so soon, but I felt very comfortable and even with the language and cultural differences, it didn’t feel awkward at all.

I thought he was gorgeous, kind, generous and funny, but I didn’t really think that we could have a future together so I tried not to get carried away with my feelings towards him.

It was the first time that Ahmed had introduced a girlfriend to his family and it was a huge deal for him. He wouldn’t have introduced me to them unless he was serious about me. In Egyptian culture, you only introduce a girlfriend/boyfriend to your family if you’re going to get married, so Ahmed’s family assumed that we would be getting married in the not-too-distant future. It was far too early for me to be thinking about marriage, but I was certainly falling in love with Ahmed (and his family).

Marrying Egyptian Men: My Romance in Dahab

After spending a few days in Suez, we went to Dahab for 10 days and then we went back to Cairo and spent a few days visiting the pyramids at Giza. We had such a wonderful time together, and inevitably there were tears as we said our goodbyes at the airport.

In Egyptian culture, you only introduce a girlfriend/boyfriend to your family if you’re going to get married, so Ahmed’s family assumed that we would be getting married in the not-too-distant future.

I returned to Dahab on two more occasions that year and in the December, Ahmed asked me to marry him. It wasn’t completely unexpected as he had kind of asked me once during a Skype chat but I had told him that he needed to ask me again in a more romantic way. The next time he asked me was far more romantic as it was at sunset at Wadi Gnai (3 Pools) and of course my answer was yes.

I told a few friends and family that Ahmed had asked me to marry him, but I didn’t make a big fuss about it. Of course I was very excited and happy, but it all felt very surreal and I needed time to process everything in my head first. There were so many questions….Where would we live? Could I move to Dahab? Would I like living there? What about work/money? What about my friends/family? What about my flat? There were just too many questions at this stage and I didn’t want to get too excited until we had made a plan.

There were so many questions….Where would we live? Could I move to Dahab? Would I like living there? What about work/money? What about my friends/family?

Over the next couple of months, we had long Skype conversations and I decided that I would move to Egypt. I packed up my belongings, handed in my notice at work, said my goodbyes and took a one-way flight to Cairo with 130kgs of luggage.

It was a massive decision to move to Dahab but I knew that I just had to do it, and if it didn’t work out, I could always move back to England. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made.  I love living in Dahab, I love my life with Ahmed, and I love being Mrs. Mahmoud.

Marrying Egyptian Men: My Romance in Dahab

Marrying an Egyptian Man: My Romance in Dahab
Ahmed and Kirsteen on the first night they met; photo by Kirsteen Mahmoud

,Marrying Egyptian Men: My Romance in Dahab, Egyptian men 


About Kirsteen Mahmoud

Kirsteen MahmoudMy name is Kirsteen Mahmoud and I am a British woman married to an Egyptian man. We live in Dahab in Egypt and we have a wonderful life here. I have been living here since May 2012, and in May 2013 I started my 'Mrs Mahmoud' blog to share my day-to-day experiences with my friends and anyone else who wanted to read about my life in Dahab. I also wanted to give people a more positive perspective about Egypt and I wanted to dispel any negative perceptions that people may have about British women marrying Egyptian men. I love my life here in Dahab and I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and articles.Follow me on Twitter @MrsMahmoudDahab.

33 thoughts on “Marrying Egyptian Men: My Romance in Dahab

  1. Bo
    September 25, 2017

    How is it about married Egyptian man
    He’s Muslim and I know they can have few wives but obviously I am not agreeing to be second wife
    We are planning to meet and spend time together, only us, and then we will start thinking what next…
    I live in U.K. With two kids
    He’s got 2 kids as well
    He started to mention that if we decide to be together he will divorce but he’s worried about his kids
    We chat every day for last 5 months and feelings are huge but as I mentioned we want to spend some time together before making any decisions
    Apparently he has spoken with his wife and mum about
    Not really sure what to think as don’t see lots married examples on here…but until I spend more time with him I will not know if I want to go through this complication…

  2. hussam
    September 5, 2017

    i am egyptian man . 48 old . want say something for everybody wrote on that site .
    (look at your hand , not all fingers same) . will explain what i mean . means look to your country,will not find all people the same . in your country will get (the honest,liar – ugly,handsome – thief,sincere . etc…)
    i will give some short story about myself . i started a love story with american women,we decided to marry . she was in usa . we got so long time talking , i told her . i don’t want live in usa . i want you come to live with me . she agreed . after long time i discover that she is a lair . that’s not mean that all american women are liar . ( look at your hand ) thats all.

  3. Megan
    March 4, 2017

    My name is Megan and It’s been well over a year ago since Ive started talking to this Egyptian guy. We have the same birthday so are both 18. He’s not Muslim but a Coptic Christian ,so it’s hard to find many foreign girls who have much relationship experience with an Egyptian non Muslim. Every site I go on is all says to watch out for these men and never marry them. I talk to him over video chat regularly and we’ve both expressed feelings for each other.He’s told me about him wanting to get out of Egypt because money reasons and that he’s trying to apply for a student visa in various countries. I’ve been Searching on multiple sites for advice, should I see this as a red flag or the opposite because he’s so open about it? I live in Ireland and I explained to him i probably will be living somewhere else too. We said we will both wait till after exams before we make any type of plans as we both don’t know where or what colleges we will end up! Should I be more wary or am I wasting my time.i genuinely can see myself marrying him someday which is crazy I know ,only being 18. I’ve explained to him that I can’t be anything more until I actually meet him in person and he’s been very understanding of that. Just need to know how If he’s genuinely invested and not like the rest that’s seem to be a most categorised in one group. Any advice at all would be great, if I’m making a huge mistake.

  4. Joy
    January 13, 2017

    Hi everybody i want to tell mine to, i have an online bf he is 20 and he is a egyptian man and we are planning to meet soon i was just thinking if u can advice me if its good to meet him in egypt.
    Im joy i will wait your reply thank you

    • usher mido
      February 25, 2017

      hi joy i hope see u i am from egypt my name usher i tourguide from luxor city i hope meet u soon

  5. Cecil
    January 12, 2017

    Hello everyone,
    I am engaged soon to be married (2 weeks from now) to my Egyptian boyfriend. We have known each other in 2 years. In the beginning of the relationship I searched for a lot of information marrying an egyptian man and unfortunately just found negative ones so my advice is never ever compare your relationship with others. Follow your heart and instinct. I am so happy i met him and I never regret it.

  6. Sasha
    December 13, 2016

    I have a boyfriend in Egypt and we are going to get married there soon and then he wants to move and live with me in the uk

    Does anyone have advice for me please how we would go about this how easy/difficult would it be for him to move to the uk?

    Thanks in advance for your any advice offered

    Could you reply to my email?

    It’s [email protected]

  7. August 15, 2016

    My name is ahmed from egypt 23 years old , i want also to get a wife like my brothers in my country , your stories guys gives me the hopeful to seek about my future wife : ) .. Thank you

  8. Christine
    August 5, 2016

    A bit of advice whatever u do ladies do not get taken in by these Egyptian men’s lies they r after one thing that’s a visa outa Egypt pref to UK USA. If they truly love u they will accept whatever religion u r. Do not convert to Islam for a selfish man who wishes to own dominate and treat u like [email protected] once married. Never ever take your children u have to selfishly join an Egyptian man , if children are not theirs eg from your previous relationship it is cruel selfish to do this to your child/children. They will have awful life . And never have a baby born in Egypt to Egyptian man he can keep child and u will be blackmailed into staying in Egypt for sake of having your baby because he will never give u your own child if relationship does not work out. He can block u and child from leaving Egypt. And don’t go and say I am talking rubbish I have experience firsthand and my life nightmare. Just don’t marry him u can walk away but never have child born there or u have lost it. Sweet all u into marriage and then the horror begins

    • sun
      August 29, 2016

      hey dear friend
      I’m a Muslim girl from a Muslim country , by accident I met with a Egyptian/Italian guy and he is Christian , we love each other but there are many differences tooo
      my family said I have to forget him but I’m not sure , he is number one for me , so I’m entirely confused about this …. if I wanna be with him I should leave everything

  9. Ramy zaki
    July 2, 2016

    My girl from moldova and we wanna marry in egypt what paper we must have from moldova or dont need doc for this and only her passport i need please any info

  10. Abdo
    July 1, 2016

    may god bless you all . hope you enjoy your life . and become older together. and i hope i get mine too ? . really i hope i find a real life time love. Good luck

  11. Abdo
    July 1, 2016

    may god bless you all . hope you enjoy your life . and become older together. and i hope i get mine too ? . really i hope i find a real life time love

  12. Dayana
    May 17, 2016

    Hi, I may not get a response but here I am. My name is Dayana, I live in the southern part of the U.S. I’ve met an Egyptian man through Facebook. The way it started was so weird,But really cute. His name is David R.S. we met on Dec/14/15 and let me tell you, we may have our differences but that boy/man (I call him that b/c he is childish sometimes although he’s 20) has me going crazy lol. I have a daughter(2) and he would always ask me for her. Just as my daughter asks for him. As I told him in the beginning that if he wanted me he would have to take the whole package (my daughter and I) and he agreed. We talked and everything but then he had many exams and we didn’t talk much, so I told him that we should just let it go. Then on beginning of March we declared it over with .. I blocked him on EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING… I didn’t want to know anything about him.. I felt so heart broken thinking that I wasted a lot of my precious time .. But last week I decided to unblock him , thinking well it’s been 2 months, pretty sure he has forgotten me. immediately he sent me a text saying how much he missed us. He also had created a fake profile to get reach of me. he was still there and there was no day that I would not think of him, even after blocking him. He’s a jerk sometimes but nothing I can’t handle.. We always have a great time while talking .. Tbh we haven’t done anything dirty due to I want him to be the one and I want to see that … Ive learned a lot about him . They are different, very. But you have to learn from them. They are very proud and that’s what kind of ended our relationship in March, but I guess he learned that I don’t like that and he has changed … They say that a men will go as far as a women let’s them …You have to know how to control them in a good way, this goes to all races not just Egyptian men … But other than that te amo David..and it’s so good thing I saw this blog because ive seen a lot of negativity and it made me doubtful, but here I am… ???

    • Tommy
      July 19, 2016

      That’s so dumb treating him this way you should be thankful and grateful that he wants you and your kid. Then why you block him? Because he had some exams? I hope he doesn’t marry someone like you..

  13. colleen
    March 13, 2016

    I loved reading these true stories. I married my love Mohammed ORFI in December, I feel I want a proper Egyptian wedding. Please tell me how to do this. Mohammed and I live together in Hurghada.

  14. Grada Trimble
    March 2, 2016

    I too have met a wonderful Egyptian man online. I am from the US. We have been chatting online & speaking via phone calls every day since 1/11/16. There isn’t one subject we haven’t talked about. I plan on visiting Cairo in October of this year & possibly making the permanent move in April or May of next year. My question is this–what are the steps to getting married & is it a long drawn out process? Will I have to give up my American citizenship?

    • Bethany
      April 14, 2016

      If you are able to get some information on this, I would really appreciate if you would share it with me! I have also been in a relationship with an Egyptian man for 17 months now, and we are planning on marrying soon. I’m going to move to Egypt to live with him, but I am having a difficult time finding much information about the legal aspects of the move and marriage. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  15. Confused
    February 26, 2016

    Hi…mmm i dont know where i shall begin, am an asian, a single mother with a son.
    Well im not type of person who really have time to socialize outside. I like to have someone to talk with, and thats why i got few chat apps in my mobile phone. And i never expecting to get to know an egypt guy, who at first , we just chat about normal things. And then after he ask for my whatsapp number, there where we began to chat and talk. I begin to like him, and he said he want to relocate to my country for good as life in egypt cost a lot for him. The question now, am i doing right thing by going to married with him. Can someone advice me on this, thank you

    • Elizabeth
      August 17, 2016

      Yes dear, i can tell you DONT DO IT !!!

  16. Sally Lock
    February 14, 2016

    Have fallen head over heels with an Egyptian man who seems to feel the same as we are engaged. I divorced 2 years ago. Any helpful ideas about the next steps? I know I need to get my decree absolute legalised but beyond that, I’m stuck.

  17. Marites misterio
    January 26, 2016

    I have boyfriend egyptian and i love him the way he love me too…he is so understanding….

  18. Karen
    December 22, 2015

    Hello my name is karen I’m from Ireland I’m 23 and have been with my egyptain man ahmed since I was 18 he was 21 at the time and we met online… I am moving to Egypt in February to be with him… He is not your typical egyptain man lol he is so quiet and shy lol…. We have our own flat in Egypt it belongs to him…. if you are planning on going to Egypt make sure you know he has everything sorted for you a home money ect…ther is good and bad in everyone…. really the 1st sign you are being used is when he keeps asking for money if you feel you are being used cut contact with him….egyptain men are so different also very proud haha… I would not change my relationship with ahmed for anything not a bad bone in he’s body… im happy iv found this blog I love reading what other women have to say very interesting

    • karem mustafa
      February 25, 2016

      hello karen , my name is karem from luxor , egypt .
      seem our relationships are the same , i have an irish gf , she is 17 and i am 19 … we are looking for a way to meet each other , but we both donno how to start , can you tell me what did u do exactly to meet your bf ?
      maybe my gf ll do the same , so your idea ll be our good way and i will appreciate that from you .. thank you karen

  19. Venessa
    December 21, 2015

    I am a 21 year old canadian about to travel to egypt to go visit my boyfriend of a year and four months . in january i am going down and seeing him will be a big moment since we met on line all that time ago. I am sooo happy to finally find someone who is in a happy relationship as i am and who took the time to prove that not all egyptian men are bad. I am so happy for you both

    • carol
      March 29, 2016

      I would love to see how it went for you Vanessa, I also have an Egyptian, they are so good too, I’ve been reading all kinds of stories, good and bad. Maybe you can tell us please. 🙂

  20. Eleanor
    November 16, 2015

    Hi, I’m also very happily married to an Egyptian man, for 5 years now. Living in the UK. Happy to hear the nice stories! Gives hope to the world I think.

    • January 5, 2016

      Hi Eleanor
      I would really like to speak to you if possible?

    • Emma
      July 14, 2016

      Hi Eleanor

      Could I ask some advice please x

  21. October 15, 2015

    My name is stacey….and I am age 17…im in a long distance relationship with a 17 year old Egyptian boy…even though communication is not as often as it should be…I still like him.and wish to grow with him….from other blogs that I’ve been reading up on…their relationship didnt end well….which kinda got me having second thoughts about my relationship…but after reading your blog Kirsteen…..I am hoping and praying my relationship ends up going fine….

  22. paula hampton
    August 26, 2015

    I am so grateful that you have spoke up for these men. What I a confused about is why they hating on these men. Its like no other men in the world are like these men. You get one white ass woman who thinks her ass is God’s gift to a man and it dont work out for her then she goes and burn every bodybody. What if your white husband abuse you or
    controlled you would you be on the internet doing this. Thank you some people love their Egypyian husbands and are willing to make their marriage work. You are a wonderful woman stand up for your man and marriage.

  23. ahmed Tayea
    August 16, 2015

    I am happy to you too… I hope that you have a happy life with him forever.. Egyptian men are very good … just they are looking for a true love to give this love all they have.. plz do not listen for anyone trying to the destroy your love and life… Good luck

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