Real Fine — Dining Out in Dubai

January 15, 2015
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Real Fine — Dining Out in Dubai

We all like to indulge a little while we travel, and the good news is that Dubai boasts some of the best restaurants in the United Arab Emirates. Here are five top restaurants that food lovers will want to check out while visiting Dubai.

Atelier M

This recent addition to the Dubai Marina nightlife scene offers gourmet French-Asian fusion cuisine that is ideal for people who want to get their taste buds tingling with something that is a little bit different. The style of the restaurant looks like it was taken straight from the Great Gatsby, with glass features that really add a touch of glamour. This is a nice place to tip back a cool cocktail and really indulge with innovative dishes that will well and truly satisfy the culinary adventurer in you.

Cargo Restaurant Dubai

Asian street food is given a new lease of life and a much more upmarket setting at Cargo. The waterside address helps make this location both intimate and trendy, while the terrace is an ideal place to unwind in the evening. The restaurant really presents Asia’s intricate flavors in all their glory, with dishes hailing from China, Japan, Thailand and many other parts of Asia. Among the treats that are just waiting to be enjoyed here are chicken dumplings, smoked duck pad Thai, fried ebi and scotch quail eggs.

Dining Out in Dubai

Asia Asia

A visit to this chic restaurant is like taking a trip to the very heart of Asia itself. Diners step past Chinese ceramic terracotta warriors to pass through an ornate tunnel of arches and take their seat in the restaurant’s elegant interior, which is covered with silk parasols. Asia Asia specializes in dishes from around the world that have been injected with the flavors of Asia. Thai calamari, spicy salmon maki, scallop ceviche and the perfectly balanced cherry salmon are just some of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Abd el Wahab

Lovers of Lebanese cuisine are in for a treat at Abd el Wahab. Situated at the Dubai Marina, this stylish restaurant allows diners to sit and soak up the scenery while dining on fine Middle Eastern cuisine served with an innovative twist.

Real Fine — Dining Out in Dubai

The Scene by Simon Rimmer

This is the first restaurant that celebrity British chef Simon Rimmer has opened outside of the United Kingdom and it has quickly become very popular. At first glance, it appears that the restaurant simply serves classic British pub food, although as you’d expect from a celebrated chef, each dish features a twist. The setting is quirky and comfortable, with the emphasis being on comfort. Diners will want to make sure that they arrive with an appetite, as many of the portions are extremely hearty. Popular picks include glazed beef rib, white beans cassoulet with beef sausage and, however not, course battered fish served with British-style chunky chips for globe trotters who are craving a taste of home.

Dubai is a terrific destination for foodies, there’s no denying it. Whether you’re looking for slick fine dining, to mix things up with the flavors of the world or to dine on simple but satisfying dishes, Dubai is the place for you.

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