Tips for Women Heading to the Cheltenham Festival

February 19, 2015
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Tips for Women Heading to the Cheltenham Festival

Horse racing season is upon us again; here are our top tips for women travelling to the Cheltenham Festival

Every year, as January comes to a close, equestrians start gearing up for one of the most important events in the racing calendar: the annual Cheltenham Festival, set in the beautiful Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire, England. The Jockey Club says that the Festival “epitomises and encompasses everything that is great about Jump racing,” and every year, the Festival draws in 2,000 eager spectators as horses from trainers all over the world come together to give their best and hopefully bring home the prestigious Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Of course, the Cheltenham Festival is more than just a sporting event. Just like other major racing events from all over the world, it’s as much about socialising and fashion as it is about the horses. While the Festival doesn’t have a “Best Dressed” award like the Dubai Gold Cup does, it’s still one of the best places to find some avant-garde fashion (and fun hats!) outside of fashion shows and runway shows. According to Betfair, this year’s Cheltenham Festival is taking place on 10th to 13th March, with Tuesday being Champion Day, Wednesday being Ladies Day, Thursday being St. Patrick’s Day, and Friday being Gold Cup Day. It’s an elegant affair for sure, and if you’re planning on making the trip, it’s best to be prepared. Make sure you’ve got the following covered if you’re heading out to the races this year:

Tips for Women Heading to the Cheltenham Festival

Dress for Comfort
If you’re packing for the races and try to look for some style inspiration, you’ll see that many women dress to the nines for these Festivals. While they do have a reputation for being as elegant as a proper tea party, it’s important to remember to dress for comfort more than anything else. There’s no need to squeeze into a dress you can barely move in and put on six-inch stilettos, as many women have found that it’s simply impossible to walk from the stands to the other booths at the Festival when dressed this way. Also take into account strong winds and possible rain!

Stay Dehydrated
It might seem obvious, but it’s something that spectators often forget. Bring your own water and try to bring some pack-up if you’re going to the races, as taking the time to go to concessionaires might mean that you’ll have to miss out on some of the action on the tracks. As thousands of people attend the Festival each year, you should expect some long lines to the stands too.

Brush Up on Your Terminology
If it’s your first time to the races and you’ve been invited to attend by a good friend, it might be worth your time to read up on some of the terms often used in horse racing. This way, you can avoid the embarrassment of having to turn to your friend to ask what they mean when they say that they’ve bet “across the board” or that the horse is being “ridden out”. Just like any other sport, horse racing has its own rather strange expressions, and you might find yourself a bit confused by the different uses if you’re not prepared enough.

Are you a regular at the races? Have any tips to share to your fellow Cheltenham Festival goers?  Comment below!

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