VIDEO: 4 Tips for Traveling Anywhere in the World

September 18, 2015
VIDEO: 4 Tips for Traveling Anywhere in the World

After traveling to four countries this summer, Julia Tinneny shares her essential tips for traveling. These include: important foreign phrases to know, how to not let cab drivers take advantage of you, how to see the best parts of a city, and more!

Top photo credit: Elliot Gilfix

About Julia Tinneny

Julia is currently at Bard College studying Human Rights and Economics. Prior to entering college, she spent eight months as a Global Citizen Year Fellow, living and working in Senegal, West Africa. Julia is excited to be a Pink Pangea Video Correspondent, to capture candid moments and tell stories of the people who she will encounter during her Summer 2015 trip in France, Israel, Turkey, and Senegal.

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