Why You’ll Want to Choose Airbnb in Israel

November 26, 2015
Why You'll Want to Choose Airbnb in Israel

Why You’ll Want to Choose Airbnb in Israel

When you visit Israel, chances are you will want to spend time in more than one place, whether you are here studying for several months or you only have a couple of weeks in the country. Hotels can get very expensive, and you will not find hotels of similar quality and price that you will in the US.

Airbnb is a website where people can rent out their own homes or vacation homes, either by individual room or the entire place. The cost is often much cheaper than a hotel–and if you split the cost with your friends, it’s around the same price as a hostel.

Here’s why I recommend using Airbnb in Israel:

Cheaper than a hotel

Several of my friends and I recently rented an Airbnb apartment in Haifa, and the cost for the night was about 500 shekels, including tax. There were five of us, so that comes out to be roughly $25 per person. This is what we would’ve paid for a hostel, yet here, we didn’t have to listen to random strangers snoring or worry about anyone stealing our stuff while we were sleeping. We were also able to sleep in real beds! Some Airbnb apartments even have similar amenities to a hotel–like pool or whirlpools.

More spacious than hotels and hostels

The place we rented was a 3-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and a small balcony where we could see the ocean. Each room had a double bed, so everyone had plenty of space. We took advantage of the awesome kitchen twice, making a big dinner and breakfast the next day.

One thing worth noting is that it’s a good idea to leave the place clean. Airbnb uses a review system so that renters and homeowners can feel comfortable that the other is trustworthy. For example, if you are a renter and you have several reviews that say you left a huge mess, future places may be less likely to rent their place to you.

We stripped the beds, emptied our trash, swept the floors, and washed all of our dishes. Remember that this is not a hotel with maid service, so treat the home as if it were your own. It’s a small price to pay to get an entire apartment for less than the cost of one hotel room!

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Pick a perfect location

Our location was just a few miles from the water, so we went on a lovely walk in the evening and made our way to the ocean. We were also able to easily take a cab to get back home (the walk back was all uphill and it was cold out by then). Since we were in a residential area, there were many great little places close by, including a charming cafe where we had hot drinks after our chilly walk and a small grocery store where we purchased our essentials. When you are researching Airbnbs in your chosen area, it’s a good idea to check local places and public transportation availability, which brings me to my next point.

Your host is your personal guide

Airbnb hosts often serve as personal guides while you are there. They are available to ask questions, and many leave behind helpful information and maps. I once stayed in an Airbnb in California where my host left us a discount/membership card for a nearby grocery store.

You can ask your host about the best places to eat, the correct bus or train numbers and nearest stops, or, in our case, how to catch a sherut (shared shuttle) to Akko on Shabbat (when the buses do not operate). It was super helpful and we were able to find our way around. We spent the entire afternoon exploring Akko. Be sure to leave your host a nice review after your stay, and they will most likely do the same for you.


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