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December 24, 2015
comuse travels

Tell us about yourself! What do you do when you’re not traveling the world? Where are you from? Where do you currently live?

We’re a blissfully married couple who, while not traveling, work as a professor, writer, and Middle East Advocate (Dawn); and a chiropractor (Neel), in addition to running our online shop at Comuse Travels. I, Dawn, am from California. Neel is from Illinois, but his parents are from India. We live in Redding, California, which is in far Northern California.

What first inspired you to start your blog? Since then, which destinations have you covered?

Since then, we’ve written about Morocco, Baghdad, Canada, California, Florida, Spain, Israel, and a number of other places in the United States.

What is the main purpose of your blog? Is there a message that you’re trying to convey to your readers?

We want to inspire others and transform the world. To do what? To be fully, wonderfully, passionately themselves—as individuals and as nations. We are resolute about advocating for people, encouraging their dreams (including their travel dreams) and building a more flourishing world. We want our readers to know they are important, their dreams matter, and they can bring great healing and strength to the world.

What gets you into the writing mode?

Serendipity. Unexpected beauty swirled with whimsy. My two-year-old godson’s brilliant comments and laughter. And, of course, artful writing—the kind that swooshes by and scoops you up into a hot air balloon to show you new places with bright eyes—and old places from new vantage points. Epiphanies and revelation also spark writing.

What are some exciting partnerships, connections, or opportunities that have come out of your blog?

Well, we just got back from Miami, Florida, where we were invited to cover the Seed Festival, a plant-based food and wine festival. It was radically inspiring and catalytic. We also like meeting with world leaders, business owners, and so forth. We want to know how to best serve cities and this helps. So, we’ve met with the mayor of Bethlehem in the Palestinian Territories (who is also a friend) and we spent time with the Head of Tourism in Marrakech, Morocco, for example.

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Is your blog a business? If so, what are some of the ways that you monetize it?

Yes. Primarily this happens through our shop, which is a wing in the house of our website.

What advice would you give to other women who are interested in launching a travel blog?

Let passion drive you. Don’t get stuck in status quo ruts. Be bold, courageous, and fearless. There is only one you and the world needs you to be fully you so it can be fully it.

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