Miami Culinary Tours: The Real Deal with Grace Della

December 18, 2015
Miami Culinary Tours: The Real Deal with Grace Della

Tell us about yourself! What do you do when you’re not traveling the world? Where are you from? Where do you currently live?

I manage Miami Culinary Tours 24/7, but I make sure to travel at least twice a year. I am from Buenos Aires and currently live in Miami.

What first inspired you to start your tour company? What’s your company’s mission?

When I started Miami Culinary Tours, my main goal was to show the beautiful Cuban culture to visitors through food. I quickly expanded to South Beach and then Wynwood. The mission of Miami Culinary Tours is to introduce locals and visitors to new cultures through food.

What are some of the challenges you’ve experienced in running a tour company? What are some of the highlights?

There are a lot of challenges, but if I would have to pick one as the main is the relationships with restaurants. Highlights are the people who work for Miami Culinary Tours. I always wanted to create a culture of “belonging” where “we are all in it together” and have my employees love their job.

How have you spread the word about your tours?

In many ways but the main goal for us is word of mouth. We know if someone comes to our tour that if they loved the experience, they will spread the word. Of course we do everything on the book in terms of marketing, but word of mouth is one of our biggest source of traffic.

What do you wish you knew before starting your company?

I wish I would have known better how to protect my company and tours from being copied by other companies. I wish I would have gone to my lawyer more often at the beginning.

What are some of your company’s upcoming tours/trips?

We are looking into opening a Little Haiti Food Tour to explore the wonderful flavors of this culture.

Are there any tips you’d give someone else considering starting a tour company?

Buckle up but the ride is worth it.

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