FlightHub’s Guide to Verona: The True City of Love

January 28, 2016
FlightHub’s Guide to Verona: The True City of Love

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Italy; the country is famous for its food, wine, architecture, history and culture, and so much more. Hotspots like Rome, Venice and Florence have always topped tourist destination lists and top 100’s, but FlightHub believes the city of Verona has something to offer even the most seasoned traveler. As the fictional setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette, Verona may be the true, unofficial, city of love and FlightHub Review has put together the ultimate Verona guide for lovers.

There is no greater love story than Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette. The story has captivated audiences for centuries; reenacted time and time again in major cinemas and stages, to tiny theatres and high school auditoriums. With such a cult around the play, it’s no wonder that the Club di Giulietta in Verona became a mecca for the love-struck, and heartbroken. For decades, Juleitte’s balcony has been a tourist attraction, where lovers reenact the iconic scene over and over again. Juliet’s House, or Casa di Giulietta, is a villa that was once owned by the dell Capello family, which is rumored to be the family Shakespeare based his torrid love story on. The home is open to visitors at a cost of €3, and tourists can admire the balcony and the museum within the house.

The Juliette Club was formed as happenstance when the custodial worker of Juliette’s Palace began responding to love letters written to Juliette by women seeking relationship advice. When the custodial worker retired, a team of volunteers took over the process and are now known as Juliette’s Secretaries. Since then, Juliette’s balcony has become an iconic tourist attraction, garnering the city of Verona a small fortune every year in tourist revenue.

When you’re not writing letters to Juliette, FlightHub recommends visiting the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore. Though the church dates back to the 4th century, the current edifice was constructed between the 10th and 12th century and is a stunning testament to High Renaissance architecture. The crypt of the basilica is said to be where Romeo and Juliette were married in secret, emphasizing Verona’s ties to the Shakespearean play. The basilica can be visited in the afternoons and is open to the public.

As you’ve spent the day walking around Verona—and you’ve worked up an appetite—FlightHub suggests making your way to a local eatery made popular by locals and tourists alike, Osteria Sottiva.  Meals here are cheap, but delicious with items ranging between €6 and €8 a dish. This is a sit down restaurant, so don’t expect a quick dine and dash. Instead, FlightHub suggests taking the time and talking over the day’s excitement with your partner and reconnecting while you’re on this beautiful trip together.

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