How to Use Your Smartphone to Plan Your Trips

January 15, 2016

Let’s face it—travelling just “ain’t what it used to be.” Although this does have a negative ring to it, things might not be all that murky. In fact, nowadays you can hope for a full travelling experience, even without a tour guide, or without a human one at least. Everything—from directions, maps and local attractions, to finance and time management—is a couple of smartscreen swipes away.

Here is how to make the most of your smartphone when you travel.

Directions and Maps

It used to be that you had to stop and ask for directions a million times during the day while abroad. With the obvious language barrier at hand, you had to rely on tourist maps and local advice, thus failing to experience quite an amount of sights, cultural monuments and fun places. People would get lost on the road, spending wads of cash on gallons of gas, backtracking to the last familiar position.

Today, in the world of smartphones, this is a thing of past. Equipped with GPS service, any smartphone can take you wherever you desire and guide you to whichever place you want to visit quite accurately. These navigational maps also point out places of potential interest to you,and thus bring swerving off-course to a minimum. City Maps 2Go is an excellent app that makes sure you can see all the maps offline so you don’t end up with an overwhelming phone bill.

Weather Apps

Nobody wants to get caught off-guard by weather conditions. This can really turn out to be a drag and even has the potential to turn out somewhat dangerous. Furthermore, being uncertain about what kind of weather to expect abroad leads to over-packing, which every traveler dreads. In come the forecast apps. Every modern smartphone comes with a built-in weather app, which can tell you what conditions to expect by simply typing in the desired location. If you’re unsatisfied with the interface, fret not—for you can download an other app that suits you better.

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Finance Management

If you’re away on a business trip, managing your finances and organizing time can turn out quite a drag without a proper mobile app. Lifesavers like Trippeo let the user track business expenses and share them with those in charge with your company. Many a finance app offers benefits like credit card sync, receipt capture and accounting integration. Never go travelling on business without this type of an app.


When travelling, it is safe to say that you’re not on your home ground, literally, as well as otherwise. There is no telling what’s expecting you abroad, so a good advice would be to remain wary of your surroundings. TravelSafe Pro is a potentially life-saving app that has a database of emergency service numbers for most countries in the world. Information like embassy details, in case your passports go missing, might turn out worth downloading this app.

Your smartphone is a powerful tool if you think about it. You can manage your whole trip with it. The best part is keeping track of your itinerary and finding fun sites, restaurants, museums and cafes to visit. Even though everything has been made easier today, when it comes to travel you still need to plan your trip. Data roaming makes for a huge expense abroad, so you do not want to end up spending copious amounts of money on downloading tens of megabytes of apps while you’re there. Take your time a couple of days before you set off and equip your smartphone with tons of useful stuff—you won’t regret it!

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