4 Tips for Having an Adventure While Staying at a Hotel

June 7, 2016
Rome Nightlife: A Constantly Changing Scene, 4 Tips for Having an Adventure While Staying at a Hotel

Whether you’re a road trip newbie or a seasoned traveler, you want your stay in a hotel to be interesting, right? With all the time you’ll be spending in them, it pays to make sure the place you’re staying meets your standards. And even if your hotel is sub-par, you can spice things up with a little “macgyvering” or go all in and make your own home away from home.

Here are some tips to make your hotel stay in adventure:

1. Let your hobbies be your guide

Some people are perfectly satisfied if their hotel room has a bed and a bathroom. But making sure that your hotel has the perfect guest amenities is the first step in making your stay a success! For instance, there are helpful sites that can help you find hotels based on what extras they offer guests.

Room 77 works by scanning the amenities and floor plans of hundreds of top-quality hotels. It searches to help you find the most rates and book the best prices on more than 200,000 hotels worldwide. Users can filter based on what perks, like pools or gyms, they want in a venue. You can even search for rooms by how good the view is. The site also offers a concierge service, where they will call the hotel on your behalf to request certain rooms.

Hipmunk is another tool that helps you search for booking options worldwide, but takes matters a step further by finding hotels near your interests. Say you wanted to explore the local nightlife. You would enter in your preferences, and it would find hotels that are only a short ride away from the hottest clubs. It also aggregates ratings from across the web, and gives each hotel an “ecstasy” accordingly.

2. Make the best of the situation

Maybe the weather is acting up, or maybe your friends are too tired to go clubbing. Perhaps they don’t even want to use the hotel’s pool. If this is the case, it’s up to you to get creative and save the evening!

If everyone’s all worn out, take advantage of the hotel’s monopoly on fluffy white towels and have a spa night! Let everyone have a nice hot shower, then break out the bad romantic comedies and makeup. Have fun trying different styles on each other while laughing at the cheesy dialogue. Just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it!

Another option is to fall back on good old-fashioned card games like Rummy. The game itself doesn’t have to be anything difficult, but chances are, everyone has a few funny stories centered around games. They could be from a childhood camp, or family game nights. The main goal of the game is to spark conversation, and bring everyone closer together.

3. Explore the local hotspots

Supposing your party feels great, but the hotel’s entertainment options aren’t up to par? Why not take the opportunity to explore the area? But forget going to upscale restaurants and shops. You want those hidden gems, the ones only the locals know about.

The best way to find these places would of course be to flag down hotel staff (or random passersby’s) and chat them up. But if you lack the courage, the internet offers solutions to nearly all problems. There are sites where residents can mark the best spots in town, those that traditional guidebooks might miss. Although this service is better for large cities, give it a try, even if you’re in a less populated area. You might just get lucky!

4. Make your own dream hotel

If all else fails, why not make a home away from home exactly the way you want it? There are a lot of services you can take advantage of, depending on your preference. Some prefer portable micro-houses, while others simply want a rustic home to retreat to. These options provide avid travelers with rustic (and optionally, portable) home bases they can use while doing their favorite outdoor activities.

One of the most interactive services for rustic homes is finding places that allow you to completely customize the floorplan and design of a log cabin from start to finish. Users can choose from a variety of preset plans, or create their own from scratch! You can even place furniture, wiring, and other appliances. The plans can then be sent straight to a company represented for further consultation. If you have a different style of home in mind, check out options on how to create your very own dream home so you can stay somewhere that actually feels comfortable, one that pleases all of your style and home décor visions.

From making the best of a bad situation to eschewing the hotel entirely to make your own, there are plenty of ways to make sure you get the best travel experience possible. All that you have to do is find the perfect combination of factors, and you’re ready to have an adventure!


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