Destinations Worth Travelling Alone

December 4, 2016
Destinations Worth Travelling Alone / Getting Sick Abroad: 5 Tips For Navigating Foreign Healthcare

Travelling abroad with a group of friends or with a partner can be extremely stressful. Different opinions, tired feet and conflicting schedules cause a lot of arguments. Save yourself the stress and explore a new country on your own instead! Solo travel can be extremely liberating and you’re bound to return home with more confidence as well as a better understanding of yourself. Jump into a new adventure and be prepared to discover yourself in the process. Not sure where to go? These destinations are all perfect for experiencing alone, so get stuck in!

Find new friends in Croatia

Croatia is a fantastic destination for solo travel. Throw yourself into one of the many group activities on offer and make the most of the opportunity to make some new friends. Kayaking is particularly popular and you can opt to spend a whole day on the open sea with talented instructors and a group of new people. Begin your day by kayaking over to Lokrum island before making your way to a hidden cave beach called Betina. You’ll return in the evening to witness a glorious sunset over the city of Dubrovnik which is truly unforgettable.

Alternatively, take a look at our tips for travelling to Split, Croatia’s second largest city. While Dubrovnik feels like a dreamy holiday destination, Split feels like a living, breathing city. Combine a visit to the two cities into one trip and see which side of Croatia you like best.

Travelling Alone.
Image by Maurice Weststrate used under CC license

Treat yourself in Morocco

Sometimes, solo travel isn’t about discovering yourself at all. It can be about finding peace and making time for yourself. That might sound easy, but it often takes the push of travelling to another country that’s far enough away from your responsibilities to let yourself to relax. Spend your time in Agadir make the most of that blissful holiday feeling of true relaxation. Treat yourself to long beach days, quiet pub trips and plentiful dinners.

Embrace your inner princess in Florida

The resurgence of Disney princess films with inspiring female characters like the recently released Moana is good news for women all over the world. No matter your age, everyone’s dreamed of being a Disney princess at some point. So why not embrace your inner princess and chase your dreams while showing the world that you don’t need a man by taking a solo trip to Florida.

Exploring the childish joy of Disney World on your own is exhilarating. The best part of travelling on your own is that you can be entirely selfish with your time. Want to queue for the Space Mountain ride over and over again? Go ahead! Leave no part of the park unturned and realise the dreams of your childhood.

Travelling Alone
Image by Aanjhan Ranganathan used under CC license

Challenge yourself by committing to a lone holiday and you might just enjoy the experience so much that you decide it’s the only way to travel!

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