The Top 5 Adventures in Costa Rica

December 6, 2016
The Top 5 Adventures in Costa Rica

When Christopher Columbus arrived in Costa Rica he believed it to be extremely rich in metal, so named it “Rich Coast”. The country is also considerably wealthy in biodiversity, offering an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna, and it comprises one of largest protected areas in the world. From the dense green rainforest to the endless coastlines, the precious coral reef, world-class waves, majestic volcanoes and abundant wildlife, the country is proud of its name. Here are the top five adventures in Costa Rica you should enjoy in this amazing little country.

The Top 5 Adventures in Costa Rica


There are several zip-line and canopy tours around the country. The activity is a must for nature enthusiasts and those seeking an adrenaline rush. You are taken deep into the rainforest, then up to the top of the massive trees. Then comes the fun part–making your way down by sliding along suspended cables. I felt like a free bird flying from one branch to another with the cool breeze in my face, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. I felt one with Mother Nature at that moment.


There are stunning waterfalls all over Costa Rica, but the one that impressed me the most is Nauyaka, in the mountains of the southern zone, before the beach town of Dominical. Getting there was quite a challenge, especially because I was with my daughter, a friend and her little girl. We hiked through the hot sun and astonishing landscapes for 6 kilometres, and by the time we actually reached the water, all we wanted to do was jump right into it and cool off.

It was like being in a jungle Spa.

When I stopped to treasure the scenery I realized we had entered a piece of heaven, hidden within what looked like an enchanted forest, with two imposing falls running down to the valley. We spent the entire afternoon sunbathing on huge flat stones, swimming in natural pools and enjoying neck massages under jets of fresh water sliding down our bodies. It was like being in a jungle Spa.


Despite being a small country, Costa Rica features several volcanoes. Among the most active–and definitely my favorite–is Arenal. Located in a National Park with an impressive amount of flora and fauna, it makes its way up to the sky in an almost symmetrical shape, offering stunning sightseeing. The day we visited the area we had a blast, despite the fact that we were not able to admire the volcano properly due to the cloudy weather.

We stayed in a cozy hotel in La Fortuna, a quaint and picturesque little town that was a perfect spot to chill, after spending an active day of fun in the hot springs. The resort is handsomely located by the volcano, and fenced by deep, lush rainforest, creating an interesting contrast between wildness and luxury.

The rain made it even more magical, generating a dreamy atmosphere, constantly cooling us off from the intense steam and the hot temperature of the healing water. We spent hours between exciting rides, radical water slides and relaxing in rejuvenating pools.


I went on a sunset tour though the Tarcoles River, well known for hosting the largest population of crocodiles in the entire planet! I got so close to these ancient, scary reptiles that I could almost give them a little kiss. Their size is impressive, at over 4 metres long.

I felt as though I was in a live documentary.

These creatures like to show off: when the local guides threw them meat, they jumped real high and gave the crowd a good look at their teeth. Between the spectacle of the sun setting and the bouncing crocodiles I felt as though I was in a live documentary.

Drake Bay

Located in the northtern part of the Osa Peninsula, well hidden from the crowds, Drake Bay is one of the most biologically rich places on Earth. Getting there is quite an adventure itself: the Inter Americana road is magical, and the further south you go the more alive and green the landscape gets. We had to stop several times to let big turtles and sleepy iguanas cross the street, or to avoid crashing into herds of gentle cows.

We reached Sierpe town, parked the car in a guarded parking lot and took a memorable boat journey into the river, through the biggest mangrove ecosystem in Central America. After approximately 40 minutes we merged into the ocean, and it felt like changing a channel, as we were suddenly dazzled by the stunning coast. Once settled we hiked in Corcovado, the biggest national park of Costa Rica.

The Top 5 Adventures in Costa Rica

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The Top 5 Adventures in Costa Rica

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