A Solution to Packing Nightmares? Review of the Unique Travel Set

April 28, 2017
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When I opened the Unique Travel Set bag, part of me was wistful – I knew I would never be able to get everything back into the bag as neatly as it had been shipped to me. A long-time traveler, I depend on the art of rolling, squeezing as much as I can into my bags without going over a weight limit (either an airline’s or my own carrying capacity). But that is where the Unique Travel Set comes in – problems of packing are exactly what innovators Raseljka and Katarina are trying to solve for women travelers. By backing their Kickstarter campaign you can buy a Unique Travel Set of your own.

Featuring seven pieces of clothing and one bag all in one color (Diamond Black, Coal Gray, or Golden Beige), the Unique Travel Set promises 30 different styles for a 3-5 day trip. The clothes are made from wrinkle-free fabrics and the bag is multifunctional, allowing wearers to be creative in how they adorn this versatile set. The whole set includes: a dress, removable sleeves, a belt, a cap, a long shirt/mini dress, leggings, pants, and the bag itself.

The Complete Unique Travel set, which comes in black, gray or beige.
The Complete Unique Travel set, which comes in black, gray or beige.

Every piece in the Unique Travel Set is incredibly soft and comfortable. I tested the small, which ran a little big and a little long. As someone who hovers the line between petite and regular style clothing, I probably would have done better in the XS. The Unique Travel Set comes in five different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and in Petite, Regular, and Tall/Long lengths.

The first thing I tried on was the dress, pairing it with the belt. Though a cute casual option, I wouldn’t wear the dress without the belt, because it felt like I was swimming in it. One funky feature is the sheer back of the dress, which adds flair and allure, making it a viable evening option. While rocking the dress, I tried on the removable sleeves, which initially struck me as totally ‘80s. The sleeves have a snug fit and are a great option for the always-cold traveler who doesn’t want to lose precious packing space to bulky sweaters.

This is how I felt when wearing the cap... not so chic.
This is how I felt when wearing the cap… not so chic.

Topping off the ensemble, I put on the cap. Then I shifted the cap. Then, I tried to pull the cap off my forehead a bit. Regardless of how I moved it, the cap (and its pointed ends) made me look like Toothless from the “How to Train Your Dragon” Series. This item was not a success in my book.

I traded the cap for the leggings and was thoroughly pleased! They were comfortable, form fitting, and unwavering in the face of my volleyball butt (that’s right, there was no thinning across the cheeks to expose underwear).

Next came the most versatile of all the pieces: the long shirt/mini dress. Trying it first as a dress, I loved it. It fit beautifully and is a chic option for a work or leisure engagement. It is a perfect travel LBD. Loving it as a dress, I wondered how it could possibly work as a shirt, yet I was pleasantly surprised. Pulling the fabric up to around my waist, it was a casual black tee that did not look too scrunched. While I will wear this more as a dress, this piece works incredibly well, unlike some 2-in-1 options (yeah, I’m looking at you 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner).

Switching to the pants, I was struck by how long they were (high waist was an understatement). However, I was awed by just how damn comfortable they are. In case you don’t believe me, once I put these pants on, I didn’t take them off until bed. Fitted around the ankle and waist, these pants are soft, loose, and somehow warm enough to weather cool temperatures and rain. Now, harem pants are not necessarily my style. However, these pants are the perfect wardrobe addition if you a) need a stylish and comfortable pants option for long periods of travel (overnight flights, lengthy train journeys, etc) or b)  are travelling to countries where long, looser options are more culturally appropriate.

The mesh dress ans scarf looked better in the pictures than they did on me.
The mesh dress and scarf looked better in the pictures than they did on me.

I was unaware that I had received a luxury edition of the Unique Travel Set, which comes with two additional pieces: a mesh scarf and a mesh dress. To be honest, I thought the mesh pieces were part of the packaging at first. While the Unique Travel Set has pictures of both pieces being rocked, that texture tends to irritate my skin and isn’t a fashion statement I’ll make anytime soon.

So, is the Unique Travel Set the solution to all your packing nightmares?

Personally, I could not depend on just these pieces (and their many combinations) for a trip. It’s too monochrome for my taste. Maybe that’s because I am not a super stylish European who can rock all black, but I felt like these pieces needed a pop of color and pizazz. I feel they could benefit from some accessories. However, part of the appeal of the Unique Travel Set is that this lightweight set covers the basics, leaving additional packing room for accessories and style pieces that often get bumped from the packing list to make room for necessities. Additionally, backers of the Unique Travel Set Kickstarter project can opt for an additional dress in a different color by pledging a specific amount.

The Unique Travel Set also strikes me as too casual for a business trip; only the two dresses, paired with the appropriate accessories and shoes, would be boardroom ready. However, for a quick city trip, these pieces are perfect – versatile, comfortable, and easy to customize. I’ve already worn the dress with a cardigan, scarf, and ballet flats.

The Unique Travel Set is a great collection for new travelers who want durable, comfortable, stylish pieces. Experienced and frequent travelers may find that they already have pieces of this caliber and purpose in their wardrobe, but if not, the Unique Travel Set is a solid investment.  Additionally, I see the Unique Travel Set as the perfect emergency carry-on; these pieces will ensure comfort and style even if a suitcase is lost.

So, if you’re…

  • Looking to make room in your suitcase for your favorite statement styles
  • A new traveler in need of some stylish and comfortable pieces for your upcoming adventures
  • Wanting a multipurpose set that could act as an emergency carry-on and add great pieces for your normal wardrobe

…then the Unique Travel Set might be for you.

Check out the Unique Travel Set’s Kickstarter page or website to learn more.

The author received a free Unique Travel Set in order to write this review, but all opinions expressed here are entirely her own.

Top image: Uri Tours/Flickr

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5 thoughts on “A Solution to Packing Nightmares? Review of the Unique Travel Set

  1. Avatar
    Tanya Moore
    June 27, 2017

    Hi Jeannette – I am going to Tokyo end of August which I understand is super hot. I am 5’3″,so not slinky leggy like the model. How do you think the fit would be/use in super hot weather? My pants leg length is about a 30/31.

    • Jeannette Viens
      Jeannette Viens
      June 28, 2017

      Hi Tanya,

      I am also 5’3″ and found the normal Small size to run long. It might be worth going with the Petite size. However, you do not need to be a slinky model for the set to look good – it is very flattering without being too form-fitting. The material is very breathable and should be useful in hot weather (the pants and the dress pop out in my mind as good options in super hot weather).
      Feel free to ask any other questions!

  2. Avatar
    Krista R Rudolph
    June 12, 2017

    Hi Jeannette, I was really hoping someone who have posted a review ! I am leaving for Kenya next month and I am interested in your opinion how breathable the fabric is ? It will be winter there but still in the 60-70s. Also, the Kickstarter camgain is over so the new price is about $392. Would you say it is worth the new cost ? Would you buy it again ? Thanks

    • Jeannette Viens
      Jeannette Viens
      June 12, 2017

      Hi Krista,
      The fabric is very breathable! It should do well in the temperature range you mentioned and could probably even fare well in weather a bit warmer. If it drops below 60 you might need thicker pieces (but this is coming from someone who runs cold).
      To be honest, I wasn’t completely head over heels for the entire set. Some parts of it were great (and I wear frequently) and others will probably never see the day light again. In my opinion, if you are going to pay that much, you should really like all of the pieces. Also, it is a great set for travelling basics but if you already have pieces like that, you’ll feel like it is a bit redundant (and a potential waste of money).
      I hope this helps! I’m happy to answer any more questions about the set.

  3. Avatar
    Sharlys Leszczuk
    April 28, 2017

    Thank you for sharing. So glad you liked it!

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