A Gut Feeling

October 30, 2018
Amsterdam on a budget / A Gut Feeling

A Gut Feeling

Back in June 2015, I was travelling through Northern Italy and found myself with a gut feeling I couldn’t shake. I just finished leading retreats in Tuscany, Venice and the Swiss Alps and my plan to go back to New York no longer felt right.

There was a problem though — I had commitments back at home.

Trusting my gut, I canceled an upcoming retreat at the Himilayan Institute, rented out my apartment through AirBnb and continued to travel. It was months until I ended up back home, and by then, I was on a new path.

Have you trusted your gut and made a quick travel decision? This November, we are featuring women who have made spontaneous travel decisions that changed the course of their lives. If you’d like to share your story email us at [email protected].

Read on to find out what life is like in Puerto Rico after the storm, why Susan decided to move to Egypt, for travel opportunities and more!

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Puerto Rico

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Have You Traveled to Latvia?
We want to feature your experience on Pink Pangea! For more info on seeing your writing published on Pink Pangea email [email protected].

Retreat Course

How to Create & Host A Retreat: A 3-Part Online Course
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