Thinking of taking a vacation can be pretty exciting. Every trip brings in new experiences, adventures, and memories. Some memories might be best forgotten (waiting on that long line in the heat), but some are meant to be cherished for life (hiking to the top of that mountain). Many travelers tend to trust their memory solely to record every experience of the trip. But, the best way to retain your extraordinary adventures is with a travel journal.

Here are a few awesome reasons why you should maintain a travel journal during your next trip:

1. A collection of treasured memories

You might have a good memory, but writing down your experiences helps you to process and retain you experiences. A journal can be seen as a form of a backup for you memories. Every single day on a trip results in incredible memories. Which is probably why we all love to travel. When you write in your trip journal, you gift yourself a novel for life. And you’re the main character!

Every page of your journal reads like a piece of a story that you experienced while on the trip. Ten years down the line, the trip will unfold in front of you all over again.

2. Use it as a scrapbook

A trip journal is highly versatile. You can use it as a diary to pen down your day, or you can use it like a scrapbook. Store your bus tickets, Broadway passes, shopping receipts, etc. to keep as a souvenir. Found a rare leaf or flower? Put it inside your journal. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner and keep the napkin or matches for your scrapbook. Use your journal to safeguard the tickets of the cruise you enjoyed with your friends — any other meaningful things you pick up along the way.

3. Prepare to publish your travel stories at a later time

If you keep track of your travels in journals, you can publish articles about your experiences online at a later time — and share your incredible stories with others. If you want to take your writing to the next level before publishing, you can use an online essay service like EduBirdie to help you out.

4. Keep you company

A journal can be great company! It becomes an awesome mode of communication to pen down your thoughts as you go through each new experience. Especially when you are traveling all by yourself, the trip journal keeps your company.

5. Time travel

Journals are the best books to be forgotten. Once the trip is over, your journal will languish in some corner of your house. But years later when you open that book, you’ll be able to time travel back to your trip. Reading through the pages of the journal takes you back in time to relive those moments exactly like before. You’ll marvel at how adventurous and daring you were.

6. Detailed information

Include lots of details about your journey in your journal. These may include thoughts, places, directions and your observations in general. If you decide to publish information about your trip, this can help you give advice to other travelers back home planning to go on the same trip.

Some information you may want to offer others is: how much tip you need to leave at a restaurant or special instructions about leaving out your shoes when visiting a holy place. Think about all the of details you wished you knew before your trip and keep track of the information to pay it forward.

7. Make it a planner

Use your trip journal as a planner when on the trip. Plan your day beforehand for a clear idea as to what you want to do. Writing out what you want to do helps to organize your day — and get excited for your next adventure.

8. Have a wonderful trip

Most importantly, have fun! Use your journal to process thoughts, record your adventures and plan your trip — and have an extraordinary time doing it. It’s about the journey.

8 Reasons Why You Need to Take Travel Journal on Your Trip