A Weekend Escape

Sometimes all it takes is a weekend. To reset, to refresh, to rejuvenate and get back on track. Since moving properly back to New Zealand two months ago, I’ve been busy busy busy: with work, house hunting and buying furniture, finding childcare for my daughter, getting a driver’s license, finding my way around a new city… It had been so hectic that I’d almost failed to remember that I live in one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand. That’s not just my opinion. ‘Everyone’ says so.

This past weekend, I took the opportunity to go and stay at a riverside campground a couple of hours’ drive from the city. Summer arrived early, and waking up to the full turquoise waters of the Buller River and the peaks of two national parks was quite something. I only stayed for one night, but I was reminded that I am very fortunate to live in this stunning part of the world.

Where do you go when you just need a quick weekend refresh? What are you lucky to have in your back yard? We’d love to know about it. If you’re interested in writing an article about your go-to weekend escapes, email me at [email protected] for more info.For some more ‘exotic’ inspiration, check out some of our favourite recent articles, below.

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