Kuwait is generally a safe destination for travelers in the Arabian Gulf. It’s important to learn about the local culture and laws to help you steer clear of trouble. Nearly crime-free, safe and rich Kuwait is a great entryway to “Muslim world” of mosques, souks, and that valuable Arabian hospitality.

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Civil Unrest And Terrorism Risk In Kuwait:

It is not all sunshine and blue skies in the Middle-East, but it is worth knowing that there was just one occurrence of terrorism in 2005 in Kuwait.  Foreigners have been only the focus of terrorism when returning to an assault executed on the USA Embassy by the non-Kuwaitis in the 1st Gulf War. On the other hand, recently in 2015, 27 individuals were killed including the non-Kuwaitis as well as 228 injured in the terrorist assault during the “Friday prayers” on mosque in Kuwait at the time of Ramadan – the holy month of Muslims.

As you might with any other country you visit, be familiar with the surroundings in the public areas and avoid huge demonstrations and gatherings.

Criminal Offenses In Kuwait:

The levels of crime in Kuwait seem to be very low. In any case, it’s important to  exercise the similar safety measures you might at your home or in any big city.

A few women tourists have been recently encountered with both verbal and physical harassment. Women ought to stay away from strolling alone in the isolated places during the night and go with a partner if possible. In the last decade, a number of cases of sexual attack against foreign females in the Kuwait City were reported. A few assaults have documented instigated by an individual appearing as a cop.

Making Your Way Around In The Kuwait

Driving habits in Kuwait are very different from other countries. We recommend hiring a driver or find a credible taxi driver.  If you are plan on renting a car, it is important that you know exactly what insurance coverage is provided and what is not.

Typical sights on the Kuwaiti roads:

  • Driving in the emergency street or on the hard shoulder for avoiding traffic
  • Pulling into the traffic without indicating or looking
  • Running the red lights
  • Texting and talking on mobile while driving
  • Disregard for basic safety and seatbelts inside cars
  • Hostile driving including lane weaving and tail-gaiting
  • Speeding
  • No regard for any sort of signaling

Health Risks in Kuwait:

Kuwait is enhancing at such a speed that it may be simple to forget that it was a part of “Gulf War” not long ago.  You may still find unexploded munitions however, such as landmines in several rural areas, recreational sites and at beaches.

Folks have been hurt after obtaining plastic or metal objects. Don’t run-a-way from the well-traveled highways, stay on the identifiable tracks, as well as exercise good care, because there’s a risk of “unexploded-ordnance” even though a place has been cleared officially. Don’t pick up any strange plastic, metal or other things lying all over.

Check with a local or hotel guide before you go swimming in sea. In 2009, the lead pumping station in the Kuwait City smashed down and even untreated sewage had been released in the sea. As the issue has been largely dealt with, it’s still recommended not to go swimming.

Kuwaiti Local Etiquette And Laws:

Kuwait is a Muslim nation and whilst not as old-fashioned as most of its “Gulf” nearby neighbors, you must dress modestly.

Be aware of local religions, laws, customs, and traditions so that you’re not offensive, especially throughout the holy 4 weeks of Ramadan (if you plan to visit the religious places).

All of the following are against the law in Kuwait:

  • Drunk driving
  • Pornography
  • Use and importation of the pork products
  • Use and importation of alcohol
  • Single heterosexual couples living together
  • Homosexual activities

Anyone engaged in a business or some other argument with any Kuwaiti individual or company may be avoided from departing the nation or put into custody, pending decision of dispute.

It’s best not wear low necklines, sleeveless shirts or short skirts. Bikinis are worn at hotel pools, however not on public beaches.

Keep these cultural differences in mind before you decide to visit Kuwait, and have a wonderful trip!