Traveling solo to Brazil has become a “life goal” for many.  If you’re about to travel to solo, be ready for obstacles and challenges along the way. Particularly to a country like Brazil — known for its incredible beaches — and, unfortunately, crime. In order to return  home with the best memories possible, you should also take precautions. While there are high rates of violence in big cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador, there are also very simple ways to avoid it and to prevent any unhappy situations. Here what you’ll need yo know before you go.

Here’s what’s you’ll need to know before traveling to Brazil

Brazilian Visa:

The first thing is first. You will require a visa so submit your Brazil Visa Application beforehand.


Brazil is known to have a high crime rate. But don’t sweep Brazil out of the bucket list just yet. In fact, Brazil is one of the most stunning and visited country in the world. You’ll definitely want to visit Brazil, but come prepared. Be aware of things happening around you. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, try to get into a store, a building, a subway station–any safe place. You should also remember to always carry around the phone numbers for the police, fire station, ambulance and your country’s embassy.

With several extra safety measures, you can easily navigate the right path around this gorgeous South American region.

Do your research before you go to Brazil and make sure to stay in safe areas.


Most Brazilians in major cities speak English. If you plan to visit less touristy or more remote areas, English is used less. Don’t panic! Download a translation app and do your best to communicate what you need to say.


Stay hydrated. It’s usually hot and could be dangerous is you don’t drink enough water. If you purchase a bottle or water, make sure it’s sealed before drinking.  If purchase a beverage with ice, make sure the ice is clean (if you’re not sure, avoid it).

What Can Be Expected From Men?

Expect men to be flirty. If you’re uncomfortable, leave. Here’s what you’ll want to know about Latin men.

How to Dress

It’s usually hot — keep it light,  dress for summer.


Brazilians are all about the shoes. If you’re into it, be prepared to shop!


Tipping is not mandatory. But, the majority of cab drivers and restaurants may will add in a service charge in touristy places. If you’re unhappy with the service or can’t afford it — tell the hotel to take it off the bill.


It’s extremely important to use sunscreen.  Protect your skin!


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