The United States is stunning — but when planning your travels there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many beautiful places to visit. I had an incredible trip to the US, and I’m so glad to I did my research before my trip. It helped to use my time wisely and see so much of the country. If you don’t have your visa and passport yet, you’ll want to checkout Evus now.

Here are the Top 10 You’ll Want to Visit When Traveling to the USA

Big Island

The Big Island in Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever traveled to. With miles of trekking trails, exciting beaches, exceptional dive sites, and volcanoes, any female having a “pen-chant” for unexplored will not get bored. Enjoy watching the lava bubble on top of the Mauna Loa, scuba diving in the Honaunau Bay, as well as visiting the night market of Uncle Robert – a varied market which provides fresh food as well as sells handcrafted clothing, decor and beauty products.

San Francisco

It’s easy to fall in love with San Francisco. Generally, Bay Area is temperate, beautiful and features a distinctive culture. My European buddies say that it includes a similar charm which reminds them of home.


Midwesterners are known for being warm and friendly and also they surpassed their reputation during my visit to Bayfield. It is an artsy town along with the outgoing people, as well as this is small sufficient that it feels romantic however big sufficient that there’s a lot to do. You can enjoy a boat trip, kayaking trip or even have a drive close to the orchards.


Moab is definitely a heaven for outdoor lovers. You’ll enjoy kayaking, hiking, bouldering and camper-van life. It is where you will find Canyonlands, Arches National Park and  Dead-Horse State Park.

Big Sur

I’ve visited  every continent and still, I have not found any place as majestic beautiful as the Big Sur coastline in California. Although it has had its great number of disasters, the “McWay Falls” in the “Julia-Pfeiffer Burns State-Park” is the dreamiest waterfall I have seen ever.

Squaw Valley

I had an extraordinary solo trip in Squaw Valley. Throughout the winter, the Squaw provides amble skiable landscape, as well as a wide variety of spa services and yoga classes (ideal to compliment my extended time boarding & skiing).

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full with attractions. Enjoy some the best shows in the world, relax by the pools and indulge in fantastic dining options.

New Orleans

You might know of New Orleans because oMardi Gras and Bourbon Street, but there’s so much more to the city. Explore the rich and fascinating culture over a lengthy weekend. There is something for all in NOLA.  For first timers, I recommend staying in the boutique resort on the Royal Street, near the presumably haunted “LaLaurie-Mansion”.


I visited Maui alone about a year ago. I enjoyed the stunning beaches and volcanoes, the character of the city and the adventures. It was wonderful!


There are so many great activities to explore in Seattle. Check out different beautiful neighborhoods, foods from any tradition you can think of, beautiful public parks and fantastic museums.