The woman traveler has full access to the world.

Pink Pangea is the place where you can get real travel information from women just like you who want to see the world and are already doing it. Post your travel photos, connect to other women travelers, ask questions, share your insights, and get ready to see the world. As international travelers, we became frustrated by the lack of credible information about travel for women. Existing travel sites presented—at best—a paragraph that dealt with women’s concerns and others were filled with non-specific information. We know that the real travel experts are the people who have actually been there. We want to hear about your travels: challenges you overcame, obstacles you came across, solutions you found, and of course, all the amazing places you saw and people you met.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Start sharing your experiences.

About the Founders


Jaclyn Mishal

Since 2006, Jaclyn Mishal has worked in the travel industry, connecting thousands of young adults and women of all ages with opportunities to travel, study, volunteer, and intern abroad and making the concept of the gap year mainstream. Jaclyn also played an integral role in developing international volunteer programs, which emphasize leadership development and self-awareness through multifaceted experiences. Jaclyn’s travels have taken her to the Middle East, Europe, and Central America. Her latest adventure was a delicious two-month-long solo excursion through Italy. When not traveling, Jaclyn can be found in one of New York City’s coffee shops.

Jaclyn earned her B.S. from Binghamton University. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Get in touch at jaclyn@dev.pinkpangea.com


Rachel Sales

A traveler and writer, Pink Pangea is where Rachel Sales’s two loves meet. Before launching Pink Pangea, Rachel worked in tourism, helping to connect young adults to meaningful volunteer and internship opportunities abroad. Rachel has traveled extensively in the Middle East and Europe, and is constantly searching for flights to countries in Eastern Europe that haven’t become hot travel destinations—yet. Her latest travels brought her to Bratislava, Slovakia.

Rachel has a B.A. in English Literature and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Columbia University. She currently lives 10 minutes from the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel with her husband, Ben.

Get in touch at rachel@dev.pinkpangea.com