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“The women I met on the retreat were so talented and inspiring – I love keeping in touch with them and seeing what they’re pursuing after our shared retreat experiences. I recommend the Pink Pangea writing retreat to any woman of any age who has a penchant for exploration and a willingness to try something new!”

-Morgan Fletcher

Writing & Touring Retreat in Paris, France
The view from our Paris Retreat Hotel.

“I finally remembered what I really need, and who I really am.” — Alex Pendleton

Paris Retreat

“I appreciated meeting every woman in my group. We were all so different, coming from very different backgrounds and places, but we all shared our love of writing and traveling in common.” 

– Elayne Sanchez

writer's retreat in Paris, France

“If I can say anything about our writing course leader Jaclyn, she is an amazing facilitator. Not only did she encourage every single person from day one, but she discovered how to nurture our creativity and confidence.”
— Liz Sundin (Read Liz’s full review here)

Tel Aviv Retreat

For more information about Pink Pangea’s Writer’s Retreat in Paris, France email us at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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