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Beyond The Iron Curtain

Beyond The Iron Curtain

April 12, 2021
“Wait here.”
My brother and I were commanded as we
A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

April 8, 2021
December 3, 1994. Manhattan. 60°. The big Christmas tree by
The Decameron Redux

The Decameron Redux

Here begins The Decameron Redux, second in the series of
Alchemy Lessons: Rethinking Pakistani Traditions

Alchemy Lessons: Rethinking Pakistani Traditions

As I pour the milk onto my gold amalgam, swirls
How Philly Helped Reignite My Writing

How Philly Helped Reignite My Writing

February 15, 2021
USA, Writing
During the past several years writing has been one of
An Unexpected Life-Changing Trip to Ghana

An Unexpected Life-Changing Trip to Ghana

February 14, 2021
My husband Wes had a business trip to Ghana and
Majella Mark

In Conversation with Author & Researcher Majella Mark

Back in June 2018, I met Majella Mark at Pink
Beyond Fears: Experiencing Turkey During The Pandemic

Cave Hotels, Hot Air Balloons & Open Air Museums: Traveling Through Turkey During The Pandemic

“I don’t want to travel!”
I never imagined saying

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Aside from falling absolutely in love with Venice, I appreciated meeting every woman in my group. We were all so different, coming from very different backgrounds and places, but we all shared our love of writing and travelling in common.

— Elayne Sanchez, Venice Retreat

I wrote and shared, laughed and cared, I grew, I learned, I was encouraged, and I knew that in five days those five ladies touched my life. They helped me grow in self-confidence, in confidence in my writing and in myself.

— Rachel Webb, Barcelona Retreat

The blank page stares at me with curiosity. I glare back uneasily. Jaclyn begins the workshop and my doubts begin to dwindle. Her teaching style calm and assured, she graciously guides us through the exercises.

— Jazmine Sangalang, Costa Rica Retreat

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