Everything women travelers in Jordan need to know about healthromancewomen’s rights and safety.  Here are tips for women travelers in Jordan.

All the information below is provided by Pink Pangea community members based on their experiences abroad.  Add your voice!



Feminine Hygienic Products

Kate says: There are lots of options for pads, but where I stayed in Irbid tampons were very hard to find. I had to go to the only large grocery store in the town (Carrefour) and they only had one brand option, which was quite expensive. Tampons are not very popular because many Jordanian women think that if you use a tampon you are no longer a virgin. However, there are definitely people who use them and Amman is probably an easier place to find them.

Birth Control

Kate says: I have no experience with this area.

Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors

Kate says: I have no experience with this area.



Dating Locals

Kate says: Jordanians generally see American or Western women as loose, and someone who is not of Middle Eastern descent will automatically attract more attention. As a result, I did not date while I was there. Be careful of giving out personal information, and be aware that what may seem polite to us as Westerners can come off as “flirtatious” to them.

Types of Men

Kate says: Catcalling and honking are very common from men of all ages towards women of all ages and races.

LGBTQ Friendly

Kate says: Not at all!


Women's Rights

Women’s Rights

Kate says: Women are not equal in Jordan. For example, women are not allowed to ride in the front seat of a taxi. Men are required to do so, but it is seen as improper for any lady. If a personal car is being used, women can sit anywhere or drive.

Local Women

Kate says: A big difference between foreign women and Jordanian women is perception of time! Sometimes people set up meetings but will not get there until an hour or two after it supposedly starts. Everything moves more slowly, and that is okay with them.

Women-Specific Environments

Kate says: There are many cafes around town that are reserved for men. Before going into any place, especially later at night, make sure that there are Jordanian women or families present and that the place is not just filled with men. It is very popular for men to go out and smoke hookah or play cards together.

Perception of Foreign Women

Kate says: People are very friendly and are always looking to make a connection. Since I am from the U.S., people always tell me about relatives they have that live there.




Kate says: Taxis are definitely the best. The buses are confusing in my experience. Just be careful to not take taxis alone at night, and be very clear that they need to use the meter or they will try to overcharge you.

Shady Areas for Women

Kate says: Anywhere at night alone is generally bad.


Kate says: Wear modest clothing – my general rule is always elbows and ankles covered. Stay away from anything sheer or very tight. Make sure that you dress lightly in the summer, because it can get very hot!

Tips for Women Travelers in Jordan

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