Find everything that women travelers in Morocco need to know about healthsafetyromance, and women’s rights.

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Feminine Hygienic Products

Virginia says: Tampons are hard to find, you can usually find pads in a grocery store. I would suggest bringing your own tampons.



Virginia says: No, it is illegal and culturally something that is not viewed in a positive way by the majority of Moroccan society.

Women's Rights

Women’s Rights

Virginia says: Legally, women have the same rights as men. However, socially, men tend to hold more authoritative positions outside the home, while women have more authority inside the home. However this differs across social class and from family to family. Most often you can see this with women doing the shopping, laundry, and taking care of the children while men tend to work outside the home.

Local Women

Virginia says: The gender roles here are more defined than in the U.S. As such, the way that men and women interact, especially in public or between strangers is more formal.This of course differs generationally, with younger girls being more relaxed around the opposite sex in public than older women. As part of this, women avert their eyes from men they don’t know and are more quiet in public than most Americans are used to seeing.

Women-Specific Environments

Virginia says: Some cafes are for men only. When looking for a cafe, look for other women or families. A lot of the time the men will sit outside and the women will sit inside. If you walk in and are the only woman there, you should try to find somewhere else to go as you will feel very uncomfortable and possibly get harassed.

Tips for Women Travelers in Morocco

Perception of American Women

Virginia says: Most are very excited to learn that you are from America, and will welcome you to Morocco. You may get questions about Obama.



Virginia says: It is safer to take the tram or a taxi at night. In a taxi, women traveling alone should sit in the seat behind the driver. Unless you are traveling between cities do not take the white “grand” taxis, only use the petit taxis which are different colors according to the city. The buses are not very safe to take for foreign women.

Walking during the day is generally safe. although it is always important to stay aware of your surroundings. Some foreign women and even Moroccan women experience verbal or physical harassment in the streets, varying from catcalls to a man or group of men following you. If you are being followed, the best thing to do is hail a cab and take the cab to your destination.

Shady Areas for Women

Virginia says: At night, it is not advisable for women to walk alone. During the day, if there are people around, it is pretty much safe to go anywhere, although it is advisable to stay away from empty parks or other areas such as the medina during the early times of prayer when there are not as many people around.


Virginia says: Moroccan women dress both in traditional clothing and in the type of clothing you would see in America. That said, shorts and tank tops are not very common, and you will get a lot more attention if you wear them. A good rule of thumb is not wear anything shorter than shorts that reach the knee and to wear shirts that cover your shoulders and are not too low cut.


Tips for Women Travelers in Morocco

Tips for Women Travelers in Morocco

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  1. Janika
    February 11, 2018

    Why are the buses not safe for foreign women? We traveled 2 weeks using only local buses (the best companies), met other foreigners on board and it was great. Nothing unsafe.

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