Find everything women travelers in Solomon Islands need to know about healthromancewomen’s rights and safety.

All the information below is provided by Pink Pangea community members based on their experiences abroad. Add your voice!



Feminine Hygienic Products

Morgan says: Tampons and pads can be purchased at pharmacies. Outside of the main towns tampons are hard to find so bring your own.

Birth Control

Morgan says: Condoms are available at pharmacies. You can purchase birth control pills in the capital but if you have a specific brand bring enough to last your trip.

Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors

Morgan says: For any gynecological issues you will need to see a doctor in the capital of Honiara. For any major issues you may need to travel to Australia.


Morgan says: As a foreign woman always check if it is okay to breastfeed so as not to offend or attract unwanted attention.



Dating Locals

Morgan says: Solomon Islanders are still very tied to their traditions and their families. Dating locals can be tricky and you need to be well aware of the potential ramifications. Things can quickly escalate and marriage can be on the table without you realizing it.

LGBTQ Friendly

Morgan says: Christianity is the main religion in the Solomon Islands and LGBTQ issues are not well understood.


Women's Rights

Women’s Rights

Morgan says: The Solomon Islands culture is still quite traditional and is for the most part a patriarchal society.

Women-Specific Environments

Morgan says: In the villages there will be traditional ‘kustom‘ and areas where men go and women go. Make sure to always ask where you can go and where women are allowed. There will always be separate areas for men and women to bathe and go to the toilet in villages.

Perception of Foreign Women

Morgan says: Foreign women get a lot of attention in the Solomon Islands, both negative and positive. Some people will be curious and want to maybe touch your skin or your hair. Many locals are interested in you and will simply want to shyly smile and catch your eye as you walk past. Men can often call out to you or cat call as you walk past and attempts by men in the street to touch you can occur.




Morgan says: Small mini vans and taxis are the main form of public transport in the Solomon Islands. During the day it is perfectly safe to take a mini bus but foreign women should avoid taking them at night. Always take a taxi at night- make sure it is from a reputable taxi company.

Shady Areas for Women

Morgan says: It is not safe to walk at night in the capital city of Honiara and women must always take a taxi from a reputable company. If you are in a more remote area always ask if it is safe to walk at night.


Morgan says: The Solomon Islands has a conservative culture and showing your thighs or legs is considered taboo. In the capital city you need to ensure that you are covering your thighs and wearing shorts or a skirt to your knees. If you are venturing outside the capital to villages or other islands then you need to make sure that you are wearing longer skirts and pants are often not acceptable. If you will be going in canoes or smaller boats make sure you are wearing swimming shorts underneath to protect your modesty when getting in and out of boats.

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