Find everything women travelers in Czech Republic need to know about healthromancewomen’s rights and safety.

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Feminine Hygienic Products

Tansu says: Tampons and pads are readily available at almost any corner store (24 hour “potraviny”‘s), Tesco, or grocery store like Albert’s. Some tampons in Europe do not have applicators- it will just be the actual tampon that you have to insert yourself. Make sure to check the box.


Tansu says: I have never seen a woman breastfeed in public. I am going to assume that in Czech culture it should be done in private.



Dating Locals

Tansu says: PDA is widely accepted. Women should look out for men who are constantly trying to buy them drinks. Obviously this is a universal warning. In Prague especially, men are more willing to spend money on drinks (since they’re so cheap) to lure in women.


Tansu says: Men are usually very well dressed- or have no idea what they’re doing. They rarely smile and constantly try to emulate a “manly man” when walking around with serious looks on their faces.

LGBTQ Friendly

Tansu says: Yes, for the most part and from what I know. I’ve seen a few gay couples walk around without anyone giving them a second look.


Women's Rights

Women’s Rights

Tansu says: Women are not usually catcalled or treated differently. If anything, they seem to be very headstrong and independent. No Czech woman walks around looking scared, worried, or in anyway “below” a man.

 Czech Republic Travel Tips: Tansu's Take on Health Safety & Romance

Czech Republic Travel Tips: Tansu’s Take on Health Safety & Romance

Local Women

Tansu says: You will be looked at in a condescending manner if you’re dressed in something too short, or if you talk too loudly. Funnily enough, PDA is very widely accepted as a part of the dating culture here. Women are constantly kissing their men and holding hands.

Perception of Foreign Women

Tansu says: American women as a whole are not treated very well. Although younger people love to meet Americans because they have a skewed idea of what we do back home, the older generation seems to know better. We’re automatically thought to be loud, obnoxious, unintelligent and ignorant. Usually, Czech people who speak English will pretend they do not just to watch us struggle.




Tansu says: All modes of transportation (metro/night tram/taxi) are completely safe. I’ve even had a cab driver wait for me to enter my front door before driving away at 3 AM. Make sure not to pick up a taxi on the street, though – program Tick Tack Taxi or AA Taxi into your phone. They’re available 24 hours, will charge you a fair rate, and are always extremely prompt and friendly. Plus, they speak English.

Shady Areas for Women

Tansu says: There are lots of dark alleyways and abandoned parks throughout the city. Do not go to any strange looking places alone at night.


Tansu says: Avoid any “suggestive” outfits unless it’s for a night on the town. Even in the warmer weather, few people wear shorts or skirts. “Modest is hottest” is definitely a theme here, and going anywhere past that will guarantee you a lot of stares.

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