You’re a great teacher. You know how to lead a room. You want to take your class to a new location and host a retreat. Now what?

If you’re interested in learning how to plan, market and host a retreat, then this course is for you. Throughout this 3-part course, Jaclyn will provide all of the information you’ll want to know before hosting your retreat as well as thorough feedback so that you come away with a solid plan, and the ability to successfully create and lead your retreat. Whether you’ve led a retreat before, or are looking to launch your first, you won’t want to miss this.

During this online course you will come away with: 

– The Who, What & How of planning and hosting a retreat
– Do’s & Don’ts
– Best Practices
– Opportunity to ask questions
– Recordings of each workshop to review as often as you’d like

Part 1:  Retreat Planning

  • How to create a vision & mission for your retreat
  • Finding the right location for your group
  • What to expect when working with a retreat center or hotel
  • What are the logistics you need to research in advance
  • Everything you want to know about money — how to charge appropriately, collect money, and make a profit
  • Q&A
  • Assignments to put the new tools into practice

Part 2: Schedule & Marketing 

  • How to create your retreat schedule
  • Everything you want to know about marketing your retreat (yes, you’ll need to fill up your trip!) including: email lists, newsletters, social media, collaborations, press and more.
  • Q&A
  • Assignments to put the new tools into practice

Part 3: Hosting Your Retreat 

  • How to create a valuable experience for your participants
  • Devise a plan to focus, prioritize, and make it happen
  • What you’ll want to do after the retreat ends
  • Q&A

Location: Online
Time: Each session is 1.5 hours
Cost: $140.00

To purchase the pre-recorded How To Create And Host A Retreat: 3-Part Online Course, pay in the PayPal link below. Once you submit your payment, we will send you the access information to the course.  You’ll be able to view the workshops and have access to the notes and assignments from anywhere in the world.

This course is designed of us dreaming of hosting a retreat: teachers, coaches, bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists, yogis, healers, etc. Questions? Email us at Read testimonials from past workshop participants here.


“I now have the motivation and confidence to write and publish, which previously seemed more like a faraway fantasy. I learned that reality is what you create and build for yourself, not something you should wait for or leave for chance to decide.”

– Nechama Winston

“I appreciated meeting every woman in my group. We were all so different, coming from very different backgrounds and places, but we all shared our love of writing and traveling in common.”

– Elayne Sanchez

“I finally remembered what I really need, and who I really am.”

— Alex Pendleton

“I wrote and shared, laughed and cared, I grew, I learned, I was encouraged, and I knew that in five days those five ladies touched my life. They helped me grow in self-confidence, in confidence in my writing and in myself.”

-Rachel Webb

Pink Pangea Writer's Retreat in Venice, Italy
Pink Pangea’s Writer’s Retreat in Venice, Italy


About the Facilitator

Jaclyn Mishal

Jaclyn Mishal is a co-founder of Pink Pangea.  Since 2006, Jaclyn has worked in the travel industry, connecting thousands of individuals with international academic, volunteer, and internship opportunities. In addition to her work devoted to making the “gap year” mainstream, Jaclyn played an integral role in developing international service learning programs.

An entrepreneur, writing teacher and an inspirational public speaker, Jaclyn’s speciality is guiding people to express themselves fully. Her creative guided writing activities help even the most seasoned writers break out of their habits and expand their abilities.

Jaclyn has led writing  and Fearless Living workshops internationally in partnership with colleges and companies, including Google, Barnard College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Wellesley College, Wagner College, REI, Global Yoga Journeys and Hostelling International. Each year, Jaclyn leads writing retreats in Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Greece and Israel. According to Jaclyn, writing enables us to access parts of ourselves that we may have trouble expressing otherwise.

Jaclyn holds a B.S. from Binghamton University. She is a certified yoga instructor, whose travels have taken her through the Middle East, Europe, North America Central America and Southeast Asia.

Jaclyn’s maternal grandmother survived the Holocaust and her paternal grandmother fled Baghdad, Iraq. To them, Jaclyn dedicates her work to providing a space for women to share their stories.


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How to Create and Host a Retreat: A 3-Part Online Course