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“I appreciated meeting every woman in my group. We were all so different, coming from very different backgrounds and places, but we all shared our love of writing and traveling in common.” – Elayne Sanchez

“I now have the motivation and confidence to write and publish, which previously seemed more like a faraway fantasy. I learned that reality is what you create and build for yourself, not something you should wait for or leave for chance to decide.” – Nechama Winston

“The women I met on the retreat were so talented and inspiring – I love keeping in touch with them and seeing what they’re pursuing after our shared retreat experiences. I recommend the Pink Pangea travel writing retreat to any woman of any age who has a penchant for exploration and a willingness to try something new!”
-Morgan Fletcher, Venice Retreat

I finally remembered what I really need, and who I really am. — Alex Pendleton

“If I can say anything about our writing course leader Jaclyn, she is an amazing facilitator. Not only did she encourage every single person from day one, but she discovered how to nurture our creativity and confidence.”
— Liz Sundin, Venice Retreat  (Read Liz’s full review here)

Pink Pangea Retreat, Venice Retreat

“Our facilitator Jaclyn, one of the founders of Pink Pangea, managed to pull some amazing writing from each of us, I believe we all left Venice feeling as though we had reached a new depth in our ability to build a story from the ground up.”— Anna Gretta, Venice Retreat (Read Anna’s full review here)

Pink Pangea retreat, Venice Retreat

“The talent in the room was phenomenal. From funny anecdotes (me), to beautiful poetry, to true heartbreaking admissions of guilt and grief, the participants’ writing was amazing. But the openness of these women with each other was where the retreat’s real power lay.” — Anna Lasker

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“And just like that, things I’d struggled to articulate started to flow out of me. Each day I wrote with these women, alongside them. I realized we were all holding each other up. We weren’t just sharing stories on the page; we were gifting each other pockets of our past.” — Leonora Barton

Venice Retreat: Writing and Touring Retreat in Venice, Italy

Venice Retreat: Writing and Touring Retreat in Venice, Italy

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