Find everything women travelers in Colombia need to know about healthromancewomen’s rights and safety.

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Feminine Hygienic Products

Philia says: You can easily buy feminine hygienic products at the supermarket or drugstore. The most known brand is called Nosotras. I did notice that tampons are not as common as pads.

Birth Control

Philia says: Birth control is legal and can be taken orally or by injections at the local drugstore. It should cost between 18.000-20.000 pesos.

Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors

Philia says: Gynecologists in Bogotá are very similar to the ones back home.

Tips for Women Travelers in Colombia

Tips for Women Travelers in Colombia


It is not really acceptable or common to breastfeed in public in Bogotá.



Dating Locals

Philia says: Traditionally, the Colombian guy will always pay for the first date. They will typically come and pick you up at your house. Women should look out for those men that act too charming as they are most likely players.

Types of Men

Philia says: I believe there are many different types of men all over the world. However I did notice that many Colombian men can be players. They will sweet talk to you and get you to believe anything. Some of these guys actually already have a wife and even kids.

LGBTQ Friendly

Philia says: In the bohemian areas as well as at universities in Bogotá, it is very LGBTQ-friendly. The elderly crowd is not accepting.


Women's Rights

Women’s Rights

Philia says: In Bogotá, both genders are equal. However I have been told that outside of the city there is more machisimo. The man goes to work while the woman stays at home.

Local Women

Philia says: Some clear cultural differences are that I unintentionally draw more attention to myself than  local women do. My voice is loud in public and I am always lost in the streets. I would say that the local women in Bogotá are very similar to women in the States.

Perception of Foreign Women

Philia says: Colombians are very fond of foreigners. I always get tons of stares when I go out in the city. I get the occasional shoutout of some Asian country like “Japon!” (Japan). Colombians love foreigners because they love to say they know someone outside of the country.




Philia says: Women should never take cabs late at night by themselves unless it is through a company such as Tappsi or Uber.

Shady Areas for Women

Philia says: In all areas of the city, and always at night.


Philia says: There are no rules about what women should wear or not wear. Most Colombian women have very fashionable taste in Bogotá.  You will rarely see anyone wearing sandals or flip flops as the weather is cooler.

Tips for Women Travelers in Colombia

Tips for Women Travelers in Colombia

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